How To Fix Problems With Bluetooth On macOS Catalina

When Apple released the new macOS Catalina, most of the Apple users got so excited that they can’t wait to update to the new Catalina. Of course, everyone wants to try the new features and enhancements that macOS Catalina has to offer.

There were many positive feedback regarding the new update, however it also had its fair share of negative feedback as they experienced some problems and errors with the new macOS Catalina. One of the problems that Apple users experienced is having issues with Bluetooth on Mac running on macOS Catalina. 

Bluetooth disconnecting every now and then and Bluetooth not connected or is not connection are the common problems with Bluetooth on Mac after updating to macOS Catalina. 

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Step 1: Open Bluetooth settings located at the upper right corner of the screen on your Mac. Click on the Bluetooth icon. Toggle Bluetooth On and Off to refresh Bluetooth settings. 

Step 2: Follow these simple steps to fix problems with Bluetooth on macOS Catalina

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click on “Go”
  3. Then go to “Folder” 
  4. Type on the search tab ’ /Library/Preferences’
  5. Look for a file with a filename “ 
  6. Delete that file. Not to worry though as will auto-create a new copy of the Bluetooth file.
  7. Once file is deleted, restart your Mac device.

Step 3: Reset PRAM. 

PRAM or Parameter Random Accessory Memory that stores system settings on your Mac device such as settings on display, volume of your speakers, time zone settings and many others. Here’s how to reset PRAM on Mac: 

  1. Shut down your Mac device.
  2. Press the Power Button.
  3. Before the grey screen appears, press the Command, Option, P, and R keys all at the same time.
  4. Continues pressing the keys Mac restarts and a startup sound can be heard for the second time.  
  5. Finally, release the Four (4) keys:  Command, Option, P and R keys. 

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