How To Fix Music Not Showing On iPhone After Update To iOS 13

Normally, when you purchased music from the iTunes store, it would automatically appear every time you launch Apple music app or even music not purchased. However, there have been quite a few reports from Apple users experiencing on their iPhone wherein after they updated to the latest iOS 13 Music not showing up. Not only are the music not showing but also music purchases from iTunes as well. 

Perhaps the most obvious reason why this is happening is because there may be changes with the Music settings on your iPhone. Or maybe there are some issues with the music app itself. Whatever the reason why this is happening, not to worry there are potential solutions that can help fix the problem. Read on below to find out how.



When upon checking the music setting, that ‘Show Apple Music’ is not enabled, it is then safe to say that it is what’s causing the problem.Make sure that ‘Show Apple Music’ is Enabled. As per the name itself, switching ON ‘Show Apple Music’ and ‘Show All Purchases” can help fix the problem of music not showing. 

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Scroll down from the list of App options, tap on Music
  3. On the Apple Music category, toggle ON ‘Show Apple Music when it is turned OFF and Toggle ON ‘Show All Purchases’


This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to fix music not showing on iPhone as this basically refreshes your music app. Restarting music app simply mean, exiting or quitting app. 

There are two ways on how to exit or quit an app that depends on the iPhone model that you are using that is experiencing the problem of music not showing. 

How to quit Music App:

For iphone x and later models:

  1. From the home screen on your iPhone,  swipe up starting from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Slightly pause in the middle of the screen to reach the app switcher.
  3. Running apps will appear including the Music app. 
  4. Swipe from left or right and look for the music app.
  5. To quit music app, swipe up.
  6. Relaunch Music app to see if it resolves the problem.

For iPhone 8 and earlier models: 

  1. Double Press Home button. This will direct you to the app switcher. You will see all running apps on your iPhone. These are represented as cards.
  2. Swipe from side to side to find music app.
  3. Once you’ve found Music app, Swipe up the app to close it. When it is no longer on the screen, it is now closed.
  4. You may continue to close an app if you like, while you are still at the app switcher. 
  5. To end closing apps, you may tap anywhere on the screen or you can simply press the home button. Do not tap on the app card, doing so will just open the app. 
  6. Relaunch Music app to see if it resolves the problem.

There are also instances wherein your home button is not functioning making it hard for you to double press it to show app switcher to close an app. In order to fix this, you can enable assistive touch features. This is an on-screen home button if in case your physical home button is not functioning. 


With any troubleshooting methods, this is the simplest method. A simple restart on your iPhone fixes any issues with your Apple device as this method shutdowns all running programs  on your iPhone. 

How to restart:

  1. Press and hold at the same time Power/Sleep&Wake Button and Volume Down button. Although Volume Up also works too but without proper procedure it can accidentally take a screenshot rather than restarting your device. You may choose Volume down button instead.
  2. Wait for the ‘Slide to Power off’ appears. When it appears, you can now release pressing Sleep/wake and Volume down button.
  3. Next, slide the command from left to right to turn Off your device. 
  4. Wait for approximately 1-2 minutes, then press the Power Button to turn it On. Apple logo will appear. Wait for it to normally start
  5. Input Passcode or Face ID to have access
  6. Relaunch Music app to see if it resolves music not showing


You might be wondering what Apple ID has something to do with Apple Music not showing on iPhone. Well, since Apple ID is used to purchase anything on the iTunes store, signing out and signing into again allow Apple servers to check if there are new updates as well as refreshes Apple ID settings used in iTunes. There have been reports from some users that this actually works, although assurance is not guaranteed but it’s always safe to try as you will not lose anything when doing this solution. Make sure to have your log in details in handy to be used later on.

How to sign out and sign back into Apple ID: 

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on iTunes and App Store
  3. Then tap on Apple ID
  4. Next, tap Sign Out
  5. Restart iPhone (recommended)
  6. Sign in using the correct log-in details.
  7.  A pop message will appear “use the Apple ID for iMessage’?. This prompt is asking if you still want to use the same Apple ID from which you logged out from or you want to use another Apple ID. For this case, using the same Apple ID to log in since it was the same Apple ID you used to purchase the songs.
  8. Tap on Sign In
  9. Launch Music App and check if Music is already showing on your iPhone.


If the above solutions did not work to fix music not showing, the next step is to sync purchased songs to iPhone using your iTunes. One thing to keep in mind though before syncing, is that syncing deletes the existing music files on your iPhone. Make sure to always remember that before you do this recommended solution. 

How to sync iPhone using iTunes:

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer, and wait for it to appear in iTunes as a device.
  3. Now, select and click on your device name
  4. Located at the left side bar, select and click on Music
  5. Check on ‘Sync Music’, and select or choose all purchased music you want to transfer to your iPhone. 
  6. Next, tap on Apply to sync purchased songs to your iPhone.


There are times that purchased songs from iTunes are not showing on your iPhone is simply because the information have not been updated because of some network related issues. Resetting the network may help fix the problem. When doing this, there is no data loss however it is recommended to keep your WiFi details in handy as this will be used later on to Sign into your network. 

How to reset network settings:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on General
  3. Next, scroll down from the list of option tab and find Reset. It is located at the lower bottom. Then Tap on Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings tab
  5. Enter Passcode, if required to confirm action
  6. Restart iPhone (Recommended) to apply changes
  7. Reconfigure WiFi and other settings
  8. Launch Music App and check if Music is already showing on your iPhone.

Solution 7: RESET iPHONE

If all else fails when trying to fix music not showing on your iPhone, this solution should be a last resort. However, keep this in mind that all personal data and contents will be deleted bringing your iPhone into default settings. Which means, it will go back from when you first purchased it. With that in mind, make sure to have a backup of the data and contents of your iPhone. Not to worry though as there are also ways on how to restore and retrieve back up data. 

How to Reset iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on General
  3. Next, scroll down from the list of option tab and tap on Reset.
  4. Then tap on Erase All Content & Settings
  5. If required, enter Passcode to confirm action.
  6. Restart iPhone (Recommended) to apply changes
  7. Launch Music App and check if Music is already showing on your iPhone.

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