How to Combine Photos on iPhone

This post will walk you through merging photos on an iPhone using the built-in iOS shortcuts feature. Here’s a quick guide to combine photos on an iPhone.

iOS Shortcuts

Shortcuts is an iOS feature that allows you to complete daily tasks with your iPhone in an instant. This tool allows you to create your own shortcut command for your iPhone to execute. 

With the Shortcuts app, you can instantly get the latest weather update, launch a playlist, check the next Calendar schedule, get directions to your travel destination, generate reports, and more.

Depicted in this quick walkthrough is one of the multiple actions that Shortcuts can do on an iPhone. And it’s about merging images in the Photos app.

Read on if you need help creating a shortcut you can run every time you’d like to merge photos on your iOS device without having to download and use third-party photo merging apps.

Steps to Combine Photos on iPhone using iOS Shortcuts

The following steps will walk you through creating a shortcut command that allows you to combine photos on your iPhone. Given that the iPhone does not have a pre-installed app to merge photos together, you will need to create your own command from scratch.

And this is how you do it using the in-built Shortcuts application.

Step 1: Find and then tap Shortcuts from the Home screen or App Library. Doing so will launch the iPhone’s Shortcut app.

Step 2: While in the Shortcut app’s main screen, tap the Plus (+) icon on the top-right corner. 

Step 3: On the succeeding window, tap the Shortcut Name text field then type in the name that you’d like to use for your shortcut command.

Be sure to use a relevant name or label so you can easily identify the shortcut later.

Step 4: After naming your shortcut command, tap the Settings icon  next to it. This icon is represented by three short horizontal lines inside a blue circle.

Step 5: On the next screen, turn on the switch next to Show in Share Sheet and then tap Done on the top-right corner.

Step 6: On the following menu, tap the Search for apps and actions text field located at the bottom of the display.

Step 7: Then, type Combine into the provided search bar. Relevant search results will appear beneath.

Step 8: Tap on Combine images to proceed.

Step 9: Under Combine,  you’ll see Horizontally. Tap on it to continue.

Step 10: From the pop-up menu, you will see a list of different options for you to merge photos. You may opt to merge photos horizontally, vertically, or in a grid every time. There is also an option for your device to Ask Each Time you use the shortcut. 

Just tap to mark your preferred option.

Step 11: If you want, you can add spacing between images. To do this, simply tap on the drop-down arrow then enter your preferred spacing value.

Step 12: On the following screen, scroll down at the bottom and then tap Search for Apps and Actions.

Step 13: Then, type Save to in the search bar. From the search result, tap Save to Photo Album. 

Take note of this location as this will be the target directory that stores all your merged photos.

Step 14: To continue, tap Recents and choose a different album. Do this if you want to change the storage location of your merged photos.

Step 15: Once you’re done with all the above steps, tap the X icon on the top-right corner to save the recent Shortcut command you’ve created and then exit.

You now have created a new shortcut to merge images on your iPhone.

Merging Photos with recently created Shortcut

Now that your combine images shortcut is created, the next thing you’ll do is to use it to combine photos together and start creating your very own photo collages on  your iPhone. Just proceed to these subsequent steps whenever you’re all set.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app to get started.
Step 2: In the Photos app screen, tap Select on the top-right corner. Doing so will enable image selection.
Step 3: Tap to mark/select your preferred photos to combine then tap the Share icon at the bottom when you’re done selecting images.
Step 4: Find and then tap your recently created shortcut from the share options menu.
Step 5: If prompted, choose your preferred mode. This only applies if you’ve chose Ask Each Time when you created your shortcut. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
Step 6: Wait for the shortcut to finish running. When it runs successfully, you will see a checkmark beneath the shortcut name.
Step 7: If you see the checkmark, tap X to close the share menu.

By then you should see your combined images saved in the folder you’ve selected when you create the shortcut.

Other Ways to Combine Multiple Photos on iPhone

Aside from Shortcuts, you can also use a third-party app to combine photos on your iPhone. There are actually plenty of other tools that you can download online to carry out the same task.

Among the widely used apps that serve such purpose include PicsArt Photo & Video Editor, Blend: Combine Photo Editor, PicCollage Video & Grid Editor, Split Pic – Photo Collage Maker, Selfie Editor & Camera Blender, Flipbook Slideshow Maker, VIMORY: Photo & Video Maker and YouCam Perfect: Photo Editor, to name some.

Generally, these apps are made to be as user-friendly as possible and therefore easy to use and navigate.

Some of these apps are downloaded for free while others are available via one-time purchase. Just choose the app that’s compatible with and works best with your iPhone. 

And that’s how you combine images using the Shortcuts application on your iPhone.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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