How to Change Contacts Sort Order on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through configuring the default settings for the iOS 16 contacts application and use your preferred order when sorting saved contact details. Here’s a quick guide to change contacts sort order on the Apple iPhone 14 series.

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Your iPhone allows you to sort your contacts alphabetically by first or last name. By default, the sort order is set to Last, First. Thus, contacts are listed in a Lastname-Firstname format.If you want to change this format, simply head over to the Contacts app settings menu then look for Sort Order from the given options.In case you need help making these changes on your recently procured iPhone 14 smartphone, feel free to refer to these outlined instructions.

  1. Open the Settings app to begin. To do so, simply head over to your iPhone’s Home screen or App library then look for the gear-shaped image.

    change contacts sort order iphone14 1That image represents the Settings app icon/shortcut to get to the iOS settings menu of your device.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find Contacts from the given items.

    change contacts sort order iphone14 2Then, tap on it to access the Contacts app settings.

  3. In the Contacts app settings menu, you’ll see a number of relevant options and features that you can use to manage contacts on your iPhone.

    change contacts sort order iphone14 3Find then tap Sort Order from the given items to continue.

  4. On the succeeding window, you’ll see the preset sort order options for contacts that are added and set up on your iPhone. Tap to choose any from the given options such as First, Last and Last, First.

    change contacts sort order iphone14 4The recent changes will immediately take effect to your iPhone’s contacts sort order. To view it, just launch the contacts app then see how your contacts list are sorted.

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Different Types of Accounts for Storing iPhone Contacts

Your iPhone allows you to set up multiple contacts from different sources such as iCloud, Outlook Exchange, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other supported accounts set up on your device.

Your iCloud account can store up to 50,000 contacts while other account types like Google are limited to 30,000. 

While the number seems to be limited, it’s definitely big. Having hundreds or thousands of contacts saved on your device has pros and cons. 

Finding a certain contact detail for instance could mean a struggle unless you’ve memorized all the contact details. 

This is when the Contact app’s sorting feature comes in handy. Thankfully, Apple allows you to sort your contacts according to your needs and preferences. 

And that’s how you configure the iPhone 14 Contacts settings to set your preferred sort order.

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