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iPhone 7 Only Right Speaker Working

With the #Apple #iPhone7 made available in several markets a lot of people now have their hands on this latest phone model. This device is powered by the latest A10 Fusion processor that makes the phone perform twice as fast as the iPhone 6 yet consumes less power. Apple has also designed this phone to

Solved Apple iPhone 7 Accessory May Not Be Supported Issue

The #Apple #iPhone 7 is a 2016 phone model that introduced several new changes to the iPhone design. The first thing that you will notice on this phone is that it no longer has a 3.5mm audio port. Some people don’t like this design change while other people liked it. The other changes that are

Apple iPhone 7 Screen Rotation Problem: screen orientation not working, gyroscope/accelerometer not working, stuck on portrait or landscape view [Troubleshooting Guide]

Screen rotation issue has manifested among the first few display problems affecting the new iPhone 7 device. For some reasons, some of the iPhone 7 variants even those that are just recently purchased are depicting troubles when it comes to switching between portrait and landscape modes. Your iPhone display is similar to that of a