What to do if your iPhone 7 screen is damaged, cracked, or physically impacted, other issues

Hitting your iPhone to something hard, accidentally dropping it to the floor (or to the toilet bowl!), or getting the device wet. Any of these situations can result to one serious hardware issue — broken screen. If your #iPhone7 screen has encountered any of these, read on. You may be able to get something from this post.

Let’s be clear. This is not an article that will walk you through how to replace a cracked or broken screen, nor is it a hardware troubleshooting guide. Our blog does not support hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics. If you intend on fixing your device yourself no matter what, look for other blogs or sites that can provide you with steps on how to do it.

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Problem 1: What to do if your iPhone 7 screen is smashed

I recently dropped my phone many, many times in one night. After the last drop, the bottom of the phone screen around the phone button was chipped badly. Also, the screen appeared to have popped out on one side, and was still attached to whatever is below it. It wasn’t completely out, but enough that I can see the light behind it. In addition the front camera appeared to be “off-track”, and about 3/4ths from the right of the screen would show up black when I tried to use the front camera.

Then, today I dropped my phone another time and it landed flat on its screen. The top right corner cracked and chipped off and when I picked it up, all the buttons worked, but it appeared as if my phone was having a seizure. The screen was quickly flickering and spazzing up and down.  All the functions worked, and even the camera was working better. The screen had actually popped back in mostly with this fall. After I turned the brightness all the way down, the shaking stopped, but some colors of the screen were still messed up. What is wrong with my phone???? What do I need to do?? — Jordan

Solution: Hi Jordan. It’s funny that, after detailing the abuses your phone has absorbed, you’ still can’t get what’s wrong with it. If it’s not obvious enough for you, then let us tell you — your phone’s hardware is broken! By hardware, we mean the both the specific components that suffers visible damage and the internal components that you can’t see. If you don’t know it, Apple’s iPhone was not designed to be indestructible. In some cases, even a single accidental fall can seriously mangle internal components which can result to total breakdown. Electronic components are very sensitive to unnecessary shock from a fall. If the screen and parts of the external case were broken, then one or some internal components may have also been in the logic board. Based on the description above, we think you’re even lucky to still have semblance of a working iPhone at this time.

That it’s still turning on may be a sign that the damage may only be isolated to the outside. To fix it, bring the device to an independent service center so it can be diagnosed. If you’re expecting that some software magic can help repair a physically broken component, then you must be an idiot.

Have the phone checked and repaired. Period. Hopefully, the repair fee and parts replacement will not be too much so you can have the device fixed.

Problem 2: iPhone 7 screen goes black hours after being replaced

I changed my iPhone 7 screen. Initially it worked just fine but a couple hours later the screen went black. Phone was ringing and making sounds but screen was just black. Thinking it was the screen, I bought a new one and installed it. Same thing happened. Screen worked just fine for the first few hours and then went black again. Can’t figure out what’s causing the problem but I don’t think the problem is with the screen since I tried two different screens from different sellers but had the same results. Please help. Thank you. P.s. I’m not sure what iOS this phone is on and I can’t check since screen is gone. — Rabia

Solution: Hi Rabia. Parts replacement is easy but diagnosing the cause of your issue is totally another thing. We don’t know the history of your device and and can’t evaluate how well the screen replacements were done so there’s nothing much that we can tell you. We suggest that you take the phone apart and this time, try running it for a several hours when the screen is not fully installed. This way, it will be easier for you to narrow down possible problems one by one. There may be something amiss in the way you assembled the component or how you put the pieces back in.

Better still, ask someone with more experience in fixing iPhones to take a look at the situation. For a situation like this, one must look into the device physically in order to know where may lie. There’s a chance that the installed screen may be poor quality or may be incompatible. Keep in mind that Apple parts are not manufactured by one single company in China. Parts contractors may tap other companies to build other parts for them. This subcontractor then finds another company that may be able to produce needed other parts to build a major part and so on. This is how Apple’s official supply chain works. For non-Apple iPhone parts, less stricter quality control may result to substandard parts causing incompatibility and/or endurance issues. To minimize getting poor quality components, try looking for reputable companies that sell authentic Apple parts.

Problem 3: iPhone 7 battery won’t hold a charge after screen replacement

Hello.  I had cracked my screen and took it to a repair shop, and they replaced the screen. As soon as I got my phone back, the battery would not hold a charge. I took it back to them and they said they replaced the battery , but it still doesn’t hold a charge at all, in fact its worse than before and it completely dead, just sometimes shows the apple symbol and tries to restart before going black. My phone was new 6 months ago, iphone 7.  Is this common or do you think that they are scamming me? I am so disappointed and it would have been better to keep the cracked screen! Thank you. — Krista

Solution: Hi Krista. This is one of those reasons why letting Apple repair a broken device is wise. With Apple, they have the option to either repair or replace the device. This of course depends on the severity of the problem. Normally, Apple may suggest device replacement if it’s more economical than doing repair. For example, replacement is a better option than motherboard replacement. A new iPhone 7 motherboards costs a lot and if other parts are broken as well, there’s a chance that the repair will guarantee full functionality of the device later on. Keep in mind that repairing a physically broken electronics is tricky and not guaranteed. In some cases, repair may go well and the device will be back to normal like before. In others,  repair may fix the device temporarily but then another issue may surface after some time. When it comes to third party service center repairs, the same is true, though their repair fee may be a little cheaper. The thing is, there’s no guaranteed repair for an issue like yours. Try bringing the phone back to the shop and ask them frankly if there’s some chance that they can diagnose the problem and replace the broken part. If they can’t, get a second opinion from another shop.


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