How To Fix iPhone 8 Overheating And Draining Battery Fast

Hello Apple fans! This day’s troubleshooting episode talks about how to fix an #iPhone8 that has overheating and battery drain issues. We also cover two other related issues so we hope you’ll make use of our recommendations to fix your own issues.

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How To Fix iPhone 8 that is Overheating And Draining Battery Fast

Problem #1: iPhone 8 won’t turn back on after battery replacement

Hey, so I have an iPhone 8. A few weeks ago my phone battery started to drain pretty quickly. I also couldn’t use it without it being connected to the charger, once I unplugged the charger the phone would either shut down or just keep restarting itself until it died completely. In order for me to stop it from restarting over and over I had to plug it in. Each time it shut down I would lose maybe 10% or half of the battery charge I have on the phone. I recently ordered a replacement battery and I changed it out myself. I watched videos on YouTube, followed them step by step until it changed it out. So I replaced it and it came on but then there were lines on the screen and the touch wasn’t working. So I re-attached the screen connectors and replaced all the covers and the right screws but I lost two screws in the process which sucks because it’s the really tiny ones. But then the I tried to turn on the phone but nothing happened and the apple symbol wont even come on when I turn the phone on. P.S. I have no idea what iOS version I am running. Please help! Thanks in advance. — Brianna 

Solution: Hi Brianna. Your situation right now is a perfect example of why we don’t recommend do-it-yourself repair of smartphones. In many cases, amateurs end up adding more issues to the current one. As much as we would like to help you, the only suggestion we have is to get help from a professional. There may be a broken connection on the board, or the flex cable may not be properly connected. There’s also a chance that the replacement battery itself is no good or may be substandard. Whatever the true cause of the issue is, you want to let a professional check the device physically. Tests on relevant components like the power management IC may be necessary so you’ll also need to have the right tools to do further diagnostics. Our job her in iKream is to provide software solutions. Because you obviously have a hardware issue, you need an expert take a look at the device in person.

Problem #2: How to fix iPhone 8 that is overheating and draining battery fast

iPhone 8 is overheating and the battery drains very fast. It can be fully charged and by morning it’s completely drained. I’m very unhappy with the Apple iphone 8!!! — Sandy Wood

Solution: Hi Sandy. When both, overheating and battery drain issues, are present on the same device, they usually signal a hardware issue. Overheating can be an indirect result of a battery gone bad but sometimes, frequent or constant exposure to high temperature can also cause the battery to swell and become damaged. It’s a chicken and egg question so the best thing to do is to replace the battery and see if that will fix the overheating issue as well. Before you send the device to Apple, you can do a couple of software solutions to validate our theory about an on-going hardware problem.

Reset all settings

In iOS, resetting all settings back to their defaults sometimes fixes bugs. That’s because some bugs only occur when there’s a misconfiguration or incorrect setup. To check if that’s the case, follow the steps below to reset all your settings:

  1. From the Home screen, go to Settings>General>Reset.
  2. Tap Reset All Settings.
  3. If presented, enter the passcode.
  4. Tap Reset All Settings to confirm.

It may take some moments for the reset to complete so just let the phone finish the job.

If you reset all the settings, you are basically just forcing the phone to delete customizations that happen after it was unboxed. This process won’t delete your personal data such as photos, videos, etc. so it can be done safely. We still recommend that you back everything up though before doing it.

After the phone has reset all settings to their defaults, observe the phone to check for overheating or battery drain issues.

Factory reset

Should resetting all settings won’t fix the problems, you can then wipe the phone clean. This procedure will delete all user data, customizations, and third party apps. So, before you do this step, make sure that you create a backup of your files to avoid losing them. You can back them up to iTunes on your computer, or to iCloud.

To factory reset your iPhone 8:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. If prompted, enter your passcode.
  6. Tap Erase iPhone.
  7. Set your iPhone back up and check for the problems.

If your iPhone 8 continues to experience overheating and/or battery drain immediately after a factory reset (make sure there are no third party apps during the observation period), you can assume there’s a hardware issue behind the trouble. In this case, you must contact Apple so they can handle the situation for you.

Problem #3: iPhone 8 won’t turn back on after it stopped charging

My battery kept going really quick but then charging back up quick only to drop down quick again. Got home & tried to charge it but it wouldn’t charge so i restarted it , when i restarted it the screen went blue/white with a red line i restarted it twice & it did this both times. After that it still wouldnt charge i tried other charges that ino work & still wouldnt charge. Eventually my battery died & was just showing the dead battery sign it still wouldnt charge or restart. Now my fone is just a completly dead black screen it wont charge or turn on or even show the dead batter sign unresponsive . Ive tried holdin buttons down ect but it wont work. Only thing i havent tried because i dont have a laptop is plug it in to itunes. I was wondering if i take it in to the store and they did this for me would it work? & if they do this will my phone wipe i am worried i will lose everything on my phone my phone wont work which means i cant back anything up. Also if i have to get the battery replaced will they also wipe it? I really dont want my phone to wipe. — Krystal smith

Solution: Hi Krystal. There were some rare cases in the past that some iPhones came back to life after charging them on computers. We didn’t know what the circumstances were for those cases as they are exceptions rather than the norm. If you haven’t tried it yet though, you can definitely give it a go and see what happens.

In your case, it’s necessary that the phone turns back on so it can be restored via iTunes, also called the DFU recovery. If your phone won’t turn back on at all, even if you bring it to an Apple Service Center, there’s nothing much that a technician can do. There’s no magic trick that will revive a dead iPhone.

If the problem lies on the battery only, replacing this part may fix the issue. But then again, you won’t know if it’s a battery issue unless you open the phone up and disconnect the current battery. If your iPhone 8 is still covered by a warranty, don’t do anything stupid like open the phone yourself to check the battery. You need to let Apple do the repair for you.

As standard procedure to protect customer’s privacy, repaired phones will be wiped before, during, or after repair so you’ll most probably end up losing any unsaved files you have in the device. Apple will erase everything in the internal storage even if they’ll only be replacing the battery so you’re out of luck.

Before you send your phone in to Apple, you might want to give wireless charging a try. There are some cases that the main reason why an iPhone fails to power back on is due to a broken charging port. A bad charging port won’t affect wireless functionality so if that’s your case, you may still be able to power the phone back on after charging it wirelessly. Try to charge the phone wirelessly for 30 minutes using a compatible Qi-certified charger and see what happens.

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