Overheating Alert: 3 Ways to Cool Down Your iPhone 14 (Must-Know + Safety Tips)

You excitedly plug in your new iPhone 14 to charge it up and notice it is getting uncomfortably warm. An overheating phone while charging can be concerning but is usually easily remedied. This detailed guide covers all the potential causes of and solutions for an iPhone 14 getting too hot while juicing up.

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iPhone 14 overheating

Common Causes of Overheating While Charging

Several factors can contribute to an excessively hot iPhone 14 during charging. In most cases, the problem is found to be due to the following:

  • Using a defective, damaged, or underpowered charger that forces the phone to draw more power. Always use certified Apple USB adapters.
  • Charging while using processor-intensive apps or features like gaming, video streaming, or GPS navigation generates internal heat.
  • Poor ventilation if charging in dense cases or while located on surfaces like beds that trap heat.
  • Hot ambient temperatures or direct sunlight exposure while charging.
  • Accumulated dust, lint, or debris in the iPhone 14’s charging port interferes with proper insertion.
  • Outdated software needing vital battery management and thermal control improvements.
  • Apps continuously run resource-hogging background tasks while charging.
  • Possible battery issues if the device gets abnormally hot with standard use.  

Understanding the problem source is key to tailoring the best solution. Thus, try to figure out what happens before the problem instigates.

Quick Fixes and Preventative Steps

Many iPhone owners who have encountered overheating issues while charging have managed to resolve it quickly using simple fixes. 

Thus, the first suggestion is to begin with these simple, quick fixes:

  • Disconnect the iPhone 14 from charging temporarily if excessively hot. Give it a chance to cool down before resuming.
  • Power down the iPhone while charging if possible. This allows charging without further heat contribution from usage.
  • Avoid intensive apps and features that tax the processor and battery while charging.
  • Move the iPhone 14 to a cooler environment at room temperature and out of the direct sun.
  • Carefully clean out the Lightning port in case debris is preventing proper insertion and heat transfer.  
  • Keep the iPhone 14 perimeter unobstructed by case cutouts, covers, or objects to enable ventilation.
  • Update to the latest iOS version, which often contains charging optimizations to address heating concerns.
  • Disable unnecessary background activity from apps and location services when charging idle.

Small adjustments can prevent charging overheating or help resolve it when noticed. But take additional steps if the problem persists. 

When To Seek Repair Assistance

If the iPhone 14 continues to excessively overheat while charging after implementing preventative measures, you may resort to performing more advanced solutions, including iOS restore. 

Restoring iOS is usually deemed the last resort when dealing with complex system issues, including those that cause the iPhone to overheat while charging.

Should you wish to troubleshoot further, you can try the following:

1. iOS Restore/Factory Data Reset 

Restore the iPhone to factory settings in case corrupted software is the culprit. But be sure to back up data first.

An iPhone restore involves erasing all the content and settings on the device and then reinstalling the iOS software to its factory settings. It can help fix overheating issues by eliminating any software-related problems that may be causing excessive CPU usage or background processes leading to overheating.

During the restore process, corrupted or problematic system files are replaced, and the device starts fresh, potentially resolving software conflicts that contribute to the overheating problem. 

However, if the overheating persists after a restore, it may indicate a hardware issue, and further inspection by an authorized technician may be necessary.

2. Swap charging cables and adapters. 

Doing so will help you isolate defects contributing to overheating. Be sure to use original Apple accessories.

Non-Apple charging accessories, particularly those that are not MFi-certified, may contribute to iPhone overheating issues due to various reasons. 

Swap cables and chargers

Firstly, these accessories might not meet the necessary safety and quality standards, leading to improper power regulation during charging, which can cause excessive heat generation. 

Secondly, non-certified accessories may have incompatible voltage or current outputs, which can stress the iPhone’s components, leading to overheating. 

Lastly, the use of poor-quality cables or connectors might result in intermittent connections, causing power fluctuations that could contribute to overheating and potentially damage the device.

3. Have Apple run diagnostics on iPhone battery health and thermal management functionality.

Apple Diagnostics on iPhone battery health and thermal management functionality work by monitoring and assessing the battery’s performance and health over time. 

The diagnostics system measures the battery’s capacity and peak performance capability to determine its overall health and whether it needs to be replaced. 

iPhone 14 Battery Check

Additionally, the thermal management functionality helps regulate the device’s temperature during intense usage to prevent overheating, thereby ensuring optimal performance and safety for the iPhone.

– Request a replacement phone if hardware defects are found under warranty/AppleCare coverage.

Seek Professional Help

Don’t hesitate to contact Apple for overheating issues that remain unresolved. Excess heat can damage iPhone 14 internals over time if not properly repaired. With the right troubleshooting approach, you can keep your new iPhone 14 charging cool and happy!

iPhone 14 overheating while charging FAQs

  1. Q: What causes an iPhone 14 to overheat while charging?

    A: Damaged/inadequate chargers forcing it to draw more power, intensive usage during charging, poor ventilation, hot ambient temperatures, obstructed ports trapping heat, outdated software, excessive background tasks.

  2. Q: What are some quick fixes if my iPhone 14 is getting too hot while charging?

    A: Stop charging temporarily, power down the iPhone, avoid processor-intensive apps while charging, move iPhone to a cooler spot, clean the Lightning port, and keep vents unobstructed.

  3. Q: How can I prevent my iPhone 14 from overheating when charging in the future?

    A: Use adequate Apple power adapters, don’t charge in hot areas, update iOS, turn off unneeded background activity, avoid heavy usage when charging, and keep the port and vents clear.

  4. Q: What should I do if the overheating persists despite quick fixes when charging?

    A: Try factory resetting the iPhone, swap charging accessories in case they are defective, and get Apple to run diagnostics on battery health and thermal systems.

  5. Q: When do I need to seek repair for an overheating iPhone 14 while charging?

    A: If it continues to heat up despite preventative measures excessively, contact Apple Support for diagnosis or replacement, as sustained overheating can damage internal components.

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