6 Quick Solutions to Fix iPhone Won’t Charge After Getting Wet

Dropping your iPhone in water or exposing it to moisture can lead to a common issue: the device refusing to charge. When your iPhone won’t charge after getting wet, it’s crucial to take immediate action to prevent potential damage and restore its functionality. In this article, we’ll provide six quick and effective solutions to address the problem of an iPhone that won’t charge after being exposed to water. By following these steps, you can increase the chances of successfully reviving your iPhone and getting it back to a fully functional state.

Fix iPhone Won’t Charge After Getting Wet

Did your iPhone get splashed or submerged in water, and now it won’t charge? Don’t panic – with the right troubleshooting steps, you can often revive a water-damaged iPhone and get it charging again.

This article outlines 6 methods to try at home to make your wet iPhone charge again. With some luck and patience, you’ll have your iPhone juiced up in no time.

Turn Off Your iPhone

iphone won't charge after getting wet

If your iPhone is still on after water exposure, turn it off immediately. This prevents electrical shorts and further damage. Press and hold the Side or Top button until the power slider appears. Slide to turn it off completely.

Leaving it on increases the chance of permanent damage. Power it down before attempting any other fixes.

Dry Out Your iPhone

Thoroughly drying your iPhone is crucial for getting it to charge again. Use a soft, dry lint-free cloth to wipe away exterior water. Don’t use heat, which can damage components.

To fully dry the interior, place your iPhone in an air-tight container with silica gel packs for at least 24-48 hours. The silica gel will absorb any remaining moisture inside.

Clean the Lightning Port

iphone won't charge after getting wet

Carefully clean out the Lightning port using a toothpick, soft-bristle toothbrush, or compressed air. Gently loosen and remove any lint, dirt, or debris clogging the port.

Make sure the port is completely dry before attempting to charge again. Any moisture left inside will prevent proper charging.

Try a Different Charging Cable

iphone won't charge after getting wet

Test your iPhone with a different MFi-certified Lightning cable, ideally the one that came with your phone. Faulty third-party cables often cause charging problems, especially when wet.

If a known-good cable charges your iPhone, the issue was the cable, not your phone.

Reset Your iPhone

iphone won't charge after getting wet

Performing a force restart may resolve software glitches preventing charging after water exposure.

To force restart, quickly press and release Volume Up, then Volume Down, then press and hold the Side or Top button until you see the Apple logo.

This restart clears system memory and resets the phone. Test charging after it powers back on.

Contact Apple Support

For iPhone water damage that persists even after thorough drying and troubleshooting, contact Apple Support online or set up a Genius Bar appointment.

Apple can properly diagnose hardware damage like a faulty charging port or logic board failure. Your warranty may cover water-related repairs.

With some luck and targeted troubleshooting, you can often resuscitate an iPhone and get it charging again after water exposure. Power down immediately, dry thoroughly, clean the port, try new cables, reset the phone, and contact Apple if needed. Don’t give up hope – with patience, most wet iPhones can be revived.

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