How To Save YouTube Video On iPhone

The #iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone models to date. Every year, as soon as a new model gets released, you will often see a long line of consumers waiting outside the #Apple stores just waiting to get their hand on the new phone. Why is this phone popular among consumers? Aside from the fact that it performs quite well and is very user friendly, it  has a beautiful design made of high quality materials.
The iPhone can perform a lot of various tasks from checking emails, taking photos, updating social networks, and watching streaming videos just to name a few. With the installation of apps from the App Store the phone owner can further enhance the features of the phone.

Owners of this device will usually use the phone to watch YouTube videos. Most of the time this is an easy task since all you really need to have is the YouTube app installed in your phone and a strong and stable Internet connection. There are however instances when you will want to save the videos on your camera roll so that you can view it later even without an internet connection.

One simple way to download YouTube videos straight to your phone is by using the YouTube app. There is an option available to download the video straight to the phone which should be located on the lower right side of the Youtube video and is recognizable by its icon that resembles an arrow pointing down. Just click on this icon and you will be able to download the video. The video will be available for offline viewing however it can only be accessed from the YouTube app. The downloaded video will only remain available as long as the device has an internet connection every 29 days.

Another method to download YouTube videos to your phone is by using a YouTube downloader app. This is a popular method since the videos that have been downloaded are going to be accessible from the Camera Roll of the phone. Apple however has been cracking down on these apps which is why those apps that might have worked last month might not be working today. You will need to search the App Store for a downloader app that still works.

The most reliable method so far is to download the YouTube video first using your computer then transfer the downloaded video to your phone. The easiest way to do this is by following the steps listed below.

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