How to Install Kodi Without Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad

iPhones and iPad are fantastic media playback devices, but they can be even better with Kodi, a free and open-source media player software application for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. The tricky part is installing Kodi on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. In this article, we explain to you why you should go the extra mile to Install Kodi Without Jailbreak, and, most important, tell you how you can install Kodi using a few free resources.

Install Kodi Without Jailbreak

Install Kodi Without Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad

What Is Kodi?

Kodi started its life in 2002 as Xbox Media Player. A year later, this feature-rich, free, and open source media player for the Xbox was renamed to Xbox Media Center, or XBMC for short.

The software had proved so successful that it was quickly ported to other platforms, such as Windows and Mac OS X. As the software matured, it has eventually become the most popular software media center in the world.

To reflect this reality, the developers released an announcement in August 2014, saying that XBMC will change its name to Kodi with the release of the version 14.

It’s almost easier to describe what Kodi can do than try to name all of its features. It can play all popular music file formats, it has cue sheet and tagging support, MusicBrainz integration, and even smart playlists for effortless music management.

Kodi supports all modern and not-so-modern video file formats, and it can automatically import full posters, fanart, disc-art, actor information, trailers, video extras, and more.

Similarly, Kodi can analyze your TV show library and neatly organize everything by episodes and seasons, fan art and show descriptions included. Pictures and interactive slideshows are a piece of cake for Kodi, and so is online video streaming.

Besides these core features, Kodi can also be expanded using the vast selection of community created add-ons, all of which are available in the main add-on repository.

If you feel like it, you can change the look and feel of Kodi thanks to the highly customizable skinning engine, and you can even control Kodi remotely using its JSON-RPC based remote interface and hundreds of hardware remote controls. Kodi is simply an astonishing media playback application, one that every movie and TV buff should try.

Kodi can be expanded to watch different TV shows and movies through add-ons that you can install into your Kodi software.

Watch out for unofficial Kodi installers

Until recently, there have been two popular methods how to install Kodi on iOS devices. One requires users to jailbreak their devices and the other, known as the one-click Kodi installation method, requires users to download a modified installer application from a potentially insecure Vietnamese site.

While it’s true that jailbreaking has been around for ages and many people have successfully jailbroken their devices without any ill side-effects, Apple’s stance on jailbreak is clear: not allowed. If your iPad or iPhones starts acting up, Apple can refuse to help you, leaving you with a very expensive brick.

Jailbreaking your iPhone literally means voiding the manufacturer warranty on the device, which leaves you high and dry when something happens that you need fixed.

The problem with the one-click installation method is the third-party source. Instead of downloading the official version of Kodi, you are required to install a modified version, which may or may not contain malware. In the era of targeted ransomware and extortion attacks, it’s foolish to place yourself at such high risk.

Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak

We can thank one man, DanTheMan827, for creating an ingenious method that makes it possible to sign apps and bundle them into .ipa files that are ready to be installed on an iOS device, as explained on the official website of his iOS App Signer application.

To use iOS App Signer, you will need a few things: Mac OS X 10.9 or newer, Xcode 7 or newer, and a cable. If you own an iOS device, you probably already have a few usable cables lying around, and Xcode is available on App Store.

The directions, as provided by DanTheMan827 on the official forum of Kodi, are quite lengthy, but you should be able to follow them without any issues thanks to the included screenshots.

Visit DanTheMan827’s forum threat, make sure to read the FAQ section, and then follow the directions step-by-step. Before you know it, you’ll have installed Kodi on your iOS device, turning it into an ultimate multimedia device.

How to Install Kodi Without Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad Verdict

As you can see, installing Kodi without jailbreaking the iPhone isn’t easy, and you don’t necessarily get all of the Kodi features that you would get with a jailbreak. It’s also way more complicated to install the program without jailbreaking your iPhone.

We’d actually recommend using a Fire Stick, and jailbreaking that, and then installing Kodi through there. Then, you can just watch your jailbreak content on your TV, instead of possibly causing damage to your iPhone, or even voiding the warranty on it.

That keeps everything on the up and up as far as your iPhone goes, and still allows you to watch content through Kodi. Kodi on iPhone is — unfortunately — just not all its cracked up to be.

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