How to Enable AirPlay on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through configuring an iPhone 14 settings to make it connect to nearby AirPlay TVs and stream video automatically. Here’s a quick guide to enable Auto-AirPlay to TVs feature on the iPhone 14 series.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

New iPhones already support screen mirroring. That said, your new iPhone 14 is now capable of streaming video straight to a television. This is made possible with the iOS AirPlay feature.When enabled, AirPlay lets you stream and share content from your iPhone or any Apple devices to your Apple TV, Mac computer or smart TV that’s compatible with AirPlay 2.By default, AirPlay is enabled on the iPhone 14. But just in case it’s disabled on your phone for some reason, you can always re-enable it by heading towards the AirPlay & Handoff settings.  Just follow these steps.

  1. 1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings app.

    auto stream iphone 14 video to tvs 1To do this, just find the Settings (gear-shaped) icon from the Home screen or App library of your iPhone.

  2. 2. While in the main settings menu, scroll down a bit then tap General.

    auto stream iphone 14 video to tvs 2On the next menu, you’ll see a list of inbuilt features and options for general system management.

  3. 3. Find AirPlay & Handoff from the given options then tap on it to proceed.

    auto stream iphone 14 video to tvs 3Relevant features will load up on the next screen.

  4. 4.  Find then tap Automatically AirPlay to TVs.

    auto stream iphone 14 video to tvs 4This is normally listed as the first among other menu items.

  5. 5. On the succeeding window, you will see three main options including Never, Ask and Automatic. Tap to select Automatic from the given options.

    auto stream iphone 14 video to tvs 5With this setting, your iPhone will automatically stream video to an AirPlay device like an Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV that you frequently use.

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Usually, you will see the Screen Mirroring icon in the upper-left corner when you open a video app and then the AirPlay device will automatically be selected. 

If you want to switch to a different AirPlay device, just tap the Screen Mirroring icon then tap to select your other preferred device. 

To stop streaming through AirPlay, tap the Screen Mirroring again to turn it off.

Manual Video Streaming with iPhone AirPlay

If you don’t want your iPhone to automatically stream video to your Apple TV or other compatible smart TV, then you can just alter the AirPlay and Handoff settings then set the Automatically AirPlay to TVs value to either Ask or Never.

With this setting, you will have more control on your iPhone’s video streaming function by manually activating and selecting an AirPlay device to stream video from your iOS device.

Unable to AirPlay Video on iPhone?

If for some reason, streaming error occurs and your iPhone is unable to stream video to a TV, verify and ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Also ensure that the video file that you’re trying to stream is not corrupted. If you’re trying to stream video to a non-Apple smart TV, verify and ensure that the TV is AirPlay 2-compatible.

And that’s how you automatically AirPlay to TVs with the new Apple iPhone 14 series.

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