7 Best NYC Subway Map App For iPhone

New York City is one of the most hottest and bustling places that you could visit. It’s an excellent tourist attraction, with plenty of sights and landmarks to see, as well as food to try. For the professional, the city is place of business with a lot of money to be made in almost every industry — finance, tech, marketing, design, and so much more. However, no matter who you are, you’re going to have some serious difficulty navigating New York City by car, just because of how dense and populated the city is. Traffic is always insane. But, that’s why many folks have opted to take advantage of New York City’s rapid transit system — such as the subway system — which also serves all of the outlying urban areas, such as Queens and Brooklyn.

Unfortunately getting access to subway information isn’t always easy in New York City, but as it seems with everything, there’s an app for that! If you follow along below, we’ll show you the top NYC Subway Map apps for iPhone. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Best NYC Subway Map App For iPhone


1. Pigeon Transit

If you’re tired of unexpected delays and getting re-routed, you’ll want to make sure that you have Pigeon Transit on your phone. Pigeon Transit helps you avoid the rush times, as they’re able to deliver you live updates about the subway straight from the source: people on the subway.

You’ll be able to choose your best route, know what’s happening on the subway minute-by-minute, and even plan trips. And, you can give back to your fellow commuters by reporting delays and the current subway happenings to Pigeon, helping others save time, too.


2. SUBWAY:NYC – Map + Train Times

SUBWAY:NYC comes in as one of the cleanest and sharpest subway maps on the market. If you’re consulting Google for your Subway Map needs, SUBWAY:NYC puts it to shame with high resolution graphics that are easily visible. This app was even designed to be used offline, even enabling you to look up offline schedules for specific stations across New York City. You can search for any station across New York City, and even “Favorite” your top choices.

Download it now: iTunes


3. New York City Subway Map

Next, we have New York City Subway Map. If you’re looking for something that can help you with offline route planning and scheduling. this one will be right up your alley. You’ll get instant access to all sorts of Subway Map apps across New York City, and for specific train stations as well. Not only that, but you can view the Service Status of many stations without even opening the app! Just swipe left on your phone’s screen to view your widgets, and you’ll get a list of statuses for all of your favorite trains.

Download it now: iTunes


4. Citymapper

Citymapper comes up next — and is a personal favorite. The major pro to Citymapper is that it has a beautiful user interface that is easy to navigate. Citymapper will show you information for New York City — as well as any other major city or capital — in regards to their transit systems, even showing you downloadable maps. Citymapper has all the usual transit features like bus, subway and train routes and real time departure and arrival times as well. There’s even ridesharing features for bikes, mopeds, and scooters. Citymapper is constantly updated, so you’ll always have all of the latest transit information at your fingertips.

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5. Transit

And then we have Transit! In terms of design, Transit is pretty similar to the design philosophy of Citymapper — you get a premium and top user experience with a modern graphical user interface. One of the areas that sets it apart from Citymapper is that it supports many more cities across world the world, such as in Asia. Transit will put subway and bus arrival times at planned routes right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to see any delays, as well as the service status of the transit system that you’re using. Grab it at the link below!

Download it now: iTunes


6. New York Subway MTA

The New York Subway MTA is an essential for anyone traveling to New York City and the outlying metro areas. The New York Subway app gets pulls data directly from the official MTA system in order to show you estimated arrival times, planned routes, and more. One of the highlights of this app is that you can see the service status of the transit system in order to avoid any potential delays on your trip through NYC. New York Subway has all of the downloadable Subway Map routes as well. There’s even a handy guide for first time visitors!

Download it now: iTunes


7. NYC Transit: MTA Subway & Bus

Aptly called NYC Transit, this app will provide you maps of subway and bus routes across New York City. One of the most important parts of this app is that it’s beautiful, and therefore easy to navigate around with. Download it to your phone, and you’ll get live bus and train times, step-by-step navigation, stop announcements, service alerts, and plenty more.

One of the cool things about NYC Transit is that they protect your privacy. All usage statistics are anonymous, and sent to their own servers, as opposed to third-party analytics tools and companies that may sell your data.

Download it now: iTunes

Best NYC Subway Map App For iPhone Verdict

As you can see, we’ve shown you all of the best applications out there for navigating the hectic system that is New York City’s subway. Any one of these applications will help you get in the right place, putting schedules and estimated arrival times right at your fingertips. However, if you want the best of the best, you really cannot go wrong with what Citymapper or Transit has to offer in their respective packages.

Do you have a favorite transit application for iPhone? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!