6 Best Caller ID App For iPhone

Caller ID applications today are so useful. They can easily identify unknown numbers, giving you a name as well as location data on who is calling. This gives you a better idea on whether or not you should pick up the phone, and it can even keep you from a unwanted conversation from an ex! Not sure what Caller ID App iPhone? Then be sure to follow along below — we’ll show you the best options available today. Here are our top picks.

Best Caller ID App For iPhone


1. Hiya

Hiya comes in as first on our list for Caller ID apps. It’s a fantastic way for identifying incoming calls of the people that you aren’t familiar with. It’ll show you information on people calling you, and it’ll even give you details on people that have already called you from your Recent Calls list.  With Hiya, you can blacklist numbers so that unwanted numbers stop calling and texting you. They have an excellent spam database as well — Hiya will actually notify you if a telemarketer is trying to reach you. But, if a telemarketer does get through, you can just report it and Hiya will add it to the ever growing spam database.

We really like Hiya because it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay to use it, and there are no advertisements in the app at all.

Download it now: here


2. Truecaller

Truecaller is probably the best Caller ID applications out on the market right now, and it’s available for iOS and Android. It actually has a massive database of phone numbers in it — well over 250 million. That said, Truecaller should very easily be able to identify all of the phone numbers that try to call you — it’ll even identify the numbers in your Recent Calls list.

This Caller ID app does a great job at blocking spam numbers as well. They have a massive, community-run database that keeps spam numbers at bay. Truecaller will notify you if one of the numbers trying to call you is a telemarketing number, and if one of those numbers gets through, just report it, and it’ll be added to the spam number database.

Download it now:here


3. Showcaller

Showcaller is next up on our list and essentially works the same way that Truecaller does, just with a smaller phone number database. It’s also a slightly lightweight application, taking up a meager 4MB on your iPhone. It should be able to identify almost any phone number coming through, and even give you an idea of the location as well as the type of device calling — that could be a landline or mobile number.

Showcaller’s spam notification system operates similar to Truecaller as well. If a telemarketer number is found in Showcaller’s spam database, Showcaller will notify you that the number that’s calling is a spam number. If a telemarketer gets through, you can report it, and that number will be added to the spam database. As you might imagine, you can use Showcaller to blacklist phone numbers as well.

Download it now: here


4. Me Caller ID

Me Caller ID is another great Caller ID app. As you can imagine, it does the same thing as the other Caller ID apps on our list. Any phone number not in your address book such as random telemarketers, scam calls and the like will be identified by Me Caller ID, hopefully giving you a name and approximate location. They might even tell you whether the number is a landline or mobile phone number. Me Caller ID’s number database is significantly smaller than Truecaller, so you might not get names for everyone that tries to call you.

Me brings you real-time notifications with Caller ID identification via other Me users. Me is able to even warn you of potential spam or malicious numbers and will be added to your Me Caller ID’s spam caller database. In addition, there’s a SMS spam protection feature, which protects you from malicious messages that are sometimes included in a picture or video.

Download it now: here


5. WhosCall

Then we have WhosCall on our list. This one is essentially a bare bones Caller ID app, offering you basic number identification. It’ll identify most numbers coming through to your iPhone, and will even warn you of incoming spam callers. If a caller gets through that is a telemarketer, that means it wasn’t in its spam database. Report the number, and it’ll be added to the spam database, and warn other WhosCall users about it, too. As you can imagine, you can blacklist numbers with WhosCall as well.

Download it now: here


6. Caller-ID

Caller-ID is a little different than some of the others we listed here today, actually assisting in reverse phone lookups more than anything. This one is actually able to use mapping and geo-location data to give you an approximate point of where your caller is calling from.

This service is able to pull up information pretty accurately, but will only work if you reside in the United States or Canada. The success rate is actually really good, identifying about 70% of wireless and VoIP numbers.

Download it now: here

Caller ID App for iPhone Verdict

Are looking for a way to identify unknown phone numbers on your iPhone? Then any one of these Caller ID apps will do that for you, as they all operate essentially the same; however, you’ll have the best luck with Truecaller because of the massive database of phone numbers it has.