8 Best iPhone Tracking Apps in 2024

Looking for the top iPhone tracking app to keep tabs on your kids or find a lost device? With so many options available, it can be tricky to determine which app is right for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about iPhone tracking apps. We’ll review the 10 best apps for monitoring location, messages, calls and more. We’ll also provide tips for choosing the right app based on your needs.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to select the perfect iPhone tracking app in 2024. Let’s get started!

What is an iPhone Tracking App?

An iPhone tracking app is software you install on an iPhone to monitor its location and usage. These apps run in the background to track the phone’s GPS coordinates in real-time. Many also record texts, calls, emails, social media and more.

iPhone tracking apps are commonly used by parents to monitor kids. But they can also help find lost or stolen devices. Most don’t require jailbreaking and offer easy remote access via online dashboards.

Best iPhone Tracking Apps in 2024

Top 10 iPhone Tracking Apps of 2023

Here are the 10 best iPhone tracking apps available today:

mSpy – Powerful iPhone Monitoring Software

Website: https://www.mspy.com/


mSpy is the top monitoring software for iPhone. It tracks location within 5 meters and shows history for the past 3 months. You can set geo-fencing rules and get alerts when your kid leaves or enters an area.

It also captures texts, emails, calls and 25+ social apps. Advanced features like keylogger, ambient recording and remote camera further ensure you don’t miss anything happening on the device.

mSpy has helped parents monitor over 1 million kids and supports iOS 7-15.2. It’s also packed with security features like SSL encryption and deleting data remotely.

An online demo lets you test it out before buying. mSpy starts from $7.50/month and offers a 10-day money-back guarantee.

FamiSafe – Reliable iOS Parental Control App

Website: https://www.famisafe.com/


FamiSafe is a highly popular iPhone parental control app trusted by over 3 million users. It shows real-time location on a map and offers precise history tracking.

Geo-fencing lets you set virtual boundaries and get alerts when your kid leaves home or school. Other highlights include internet filtering, screen time scheduling and blocking apps/games.

FamiSafe monitors text messages on Android but cannot read iMessages. It’s an ideal pick for parents who want a safe iPhone experience for kids aged 3-15 years.

Pricing starts at $7.99/month. A free 3-day trial is available.

Spyic – Hidden iPhone Monitoring Without Jailbreak

Website: https://www.spyic.com/


Spyic is a hidden iPhone tracker that doesnt require Apple ID or jailbreak. After a quick setup, it starts recording the phones activities instantly.

You can view locations, texts, call logs, browsing history and social media chats. It also has handy tools like keylogger, screenshot capture and screen recording.

Spyic works discreetly in the background – the user will never know its running. It supports all iOS versions and is accessible via any web browser.

Pricing is affordable at $10.66/month and theres a trial option to test all features for 48 hours.

XNSPY – Advanced Tracking for iOS and Android

Website: https://www.xnspy.com/


XNSPY is a powerful tracking app packed with advanced monitoring features. It captures texts, emails, VoIP calls and 25+ social media apps – even encrypted chats on WhatsApp and Telegram.

The always-on GPS tracker shows both real-time and historic locations. You can also enable geofencing alerts when your child visits or leaves set areas.

XNSPY’s highlights are ambient recording, screen recording and advanced messengers monitoring. It works on the latest iOS 15 and all Android versions.

Plans start from $7.49/month. Theres a 7-day free trial to test XNSPY before purchasing.

FlexiSPY – Jailbreak iPhone Monitoring

Website: https://www.flexispy.com/

FlexiSPY offers unparalleled tracking abilities with unique features like call interception, ambient recording and video call logging.

It captures all texts, emails and messaging data on the target device. You can also remotely activate the mic to listen to live surroundings.

FlexiSPY is one of the few apps that work without Apple ID. However, you’ll need to jailbreak the iPhone for full access.

Pricing starts at $29/month. Theres a demo available to try before you buy.

Spyier – Quick and Easy iPhone Tracking

Website: https://www.spyier.com/


Spyier is a fast, hassle-free iPhone tracker. It shows location history and lets you set geofences for timely alerts.

You can see iMessages, regular texts, emails, contacts and calendar activities. Social media monitoring covers popular apps like Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Spyier works without jailbreak and shows data in real-time on the online dashboard. It’s ideal for parents who want a simple monitoring app.

Monthly plans start at just $8.33. Theres no free trial, but you get a 30-day refund policy.

KidsGuard Pro – Comprehensive iOS Monitoring

Website: https://www.kidsguardpro.com/

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a worthy pick for parents who want robust iOS monitoring. It captures calls, texts, browsing history, geo-location and social media activities.

The SMS tracker works for both standard and iMessages. You also get nifty tools like screen recording, ambient listening and Instagram monitoring.

KidsGuard Pro recently added a Safari & Chrome browser tracker that logs searches, sites visited and bookmarks. It supports all iPhones and iPads running up to iOS 15.5.

Pricing is fairly affordable at $35.95/month. You can test all features free for 24 hours.

MobileFence – Basic Family Safety Tracking

Website: https://www.mobilefence.com/


MobileFence is a family safety app focused on location tracking. It shows real-time whereabouts on an interactive map with 90-day history.

The geofencing feature alerts you when your kid visits or leaves custom areas like school, park or mall. You can also share locations between family members.

MobileFence lacks advanced monitoring capabilities but is easy to set up and use. It’s a decent choice for basic iOS tracking needs.

Pricing is reasonable at $4.17/month when billed annually. A 7-day free trial is available.

Find My Kids – Frequent iPhone Location Updates

Website: https://findmykids.org/

Find My Kids

Find My Kids is designed for anxious parents who want frequent location updates. You can set the tracking frequency to as low as every 3 minutes.

It shows addresses, speed and battery levels when your child is moving. Switch to satellite view for movement history spanning 30 days.

While Find My Kids specializes in monitoring locations, it also has web filtering, geofencing and basic chat monitoring capabilities.

The app costs just $4.99/month for unlimited tracking. Theres a free 7-day trial to test the service.

uMobix – New But Powerful iPhone Tracker

Website: https://www.umobix.com/

uMobix is a relatively new iPhone tracking app but offers powerful capabilities. You can see real-time locations, texts, call logs and 20+ social media activities.

It captures records from widely used apps like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. The admin panel is well-organized and accessible via web browser.

uMobix stands out with valuable extras like data wipe, scream alarm and SIM watcher. You can try a free demo before subscribing.

Plans start at $16.66/month. There is a 14-day refund guarantee.

How to Pick the Right iPhone Tracking App

With so many options, choosing the ideal iPhone tracking app can seem tricky. Here are key factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Your Needs – Consider what you want to monitor – location, texts, social media etc. Then pick an app that offers those features.
  • Device Compatibility – Make sure the app works on your iPhone’s iOS version. Newer apps support latest iOS 15/16.
  • Jailbreak Requirement – Some apps need you to jailbreak the iPhone. Avoid these unless you’re comfortable with complex installs.
  • Price – Monthly costs typically range from $5 to $30+ based on features offered. Look for budget-friendly deals.
  • Ease of Use – Check the app has an intuitive online dashboard you can easily access. Demo videos can give a feel of the interface.
  • Reliability – Read customer reviews and check the app developer is legitimate. Established tools like mSpy generally work better.
  • Free Trial – Test out the iPhone tracker via a free trial before paying. This lets you evaluate the app.
  • Refund Policy – In case you’re unhappy with the tool after purchasing, a refund policy offers peace of mind.

By considering these key aspects, you can determine the iPhone tracking app that best fits your specific needs and budget.

Installing an iPhone Tracking App

Once you’ve picked the ideal tracking app, you’ll need to install it on the target iPhone. The steps vary slightly for each app but typically involve:

  1. Purchase the App – Go to the official website and buy a subscription plan. You’ll get login details for the online account.
  2. Download Mobile App – For phones you have physical access to, download the tracker app from the official site.
  3. Install on iPhone – Follow prompts to install on the target device. Enable required settings like notifications access.
  4. Activate License – Use login credentials to activate your tracker account. Link the iPhone.
  5. Start Monitoring – Give the app a few hours to start syncing data. Then login online to view tracked information.

The entire process takes around 10-15 minutes in most cases. Some apps also offer remote iOS installation if you don’t have physical access.

Is Jailbreaking Required?

Jailbreaking gives apps unrestricted access to the iPhone’s OS. This can help bypass security restrictions and enable more powerful monitoring options.

However, the process is complicated for average users. Most iPhone tracking apps today don’t require jailbreaking. They use workarounds to extract data from non-jailbroken devices.

I recommend avoiding jailbreak unless you’re extremely tech-savvy. Stick to simple, hassle-free iOS trackers that offer the features you need.

What Can You Monitor with iPhone Tracking Apps?

iPhone tracking apps unlock a variety of monitoring capabilities:

  • GPS Location – Real-time tracking shows exact locations on a map. View location history and set geofences for alerts.
  • Messages – Read texts (SMS and iMessages), emails, VoIP calls and messages from social media apps.
  • Web Activity – Check browsing history, searches and bookmarks on Safari or Chrome.
  • Photos/Videos – View media saved or exchanged on the target iPhone.
  • Apps and Games – See list of apps installed and monitor activity within those apps.
  • Time Management – Set screen time limits, view usage patterns and restrict app access.
  • Call Log – Call logs show incoming/outgoing numbers, date/time and duration of calls.
  • Keylogger – Records text typed into the iPhone browser or messaging apps.
  • Ambient Listening – Lets you secretly activate the mic to hear live surroundings.

As you can see, a premium iPhone tracking app enables complete monitoring of locations, messages, apps, web activity and more. Choose one that aligns with your specific needs.

Are iPhone Tracking Apps Legal?

The legality of using iPhone tracking apps depends on your relationship with the monitored person and their consent.

It’s legal for parents to monitor minor children who are below the age of consent (typically under 13 years old). However, as your kids grow older, inform them of the tracking.

Installing a tracker on your spouse’s device without consent is illegal in most states. You need their permission for family tracking apps.

Monitoring employees company-owned devices is usually allowed. But check your country/state laws before tracking BYOD work phones.

As a rule of thumb, avoid sneakily installing trackers on other people’s phones without their knowledge, as this violates privacy laws. Inform them or seek consent first.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide covered everything you need to know about tracking apps for iPhone in 2024. We looked at the top 10 options with detailed reviews of their key features.

For easy monitoring of locations, messages and phone activities, I recommend mSpy. It offers a complete range of tracking features and works great on the latest iOS versions.

But be sure to evaluate your specific needs and shortlist 2-3 apps. Read customer reviews and check out free trials before deciding. This will help you select the best iPhone tracking app tailored to your requirements and budget.

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