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How to fix Apple iPhone 6 that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

When your #Apple iPhone 6 (#iPhone6) doesn’t power on, it could be that the battery has been drained and therefore, needs to be re-charged. Sometimes, it could be a rogue application or a buggy software update that is barring your device from booting up. You have pressed the Power button for several times already but

How to fix iPad Pro that won’t charge

Charging issues are also among the most common issues Apple iPad Pro owners have been complaining about although only a portion of those problems are actually serious. For as long as your device hasn’t been dropped on a hard surface or got submerged in water for a long time, there’s no other reason why it

How to fix an Apple iPhone XS that is charging very slowly or unable to complete charging, or not charging at all [Troubleshooting Guide]

Charging problems in mobile devices can be due to software problems or hardware damage. Among the common culprits include but not limited to rogue apps, bad updates, battery and charger issues. Oftentimes, charging issues from slow/intermittent charging to no charging occur among other post-update problems. Highlighted below are simple solutions to a relevant issue on

How to fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

When a smartphone like the #Apple #iPhone6Plus iPhone will suddenly not power on, there are three potential factors you need to consider. It could be just a simple battery power drain, a software glitch, or worst, an indication of a device being badly damaged. Unfortunately, for the last factor, your only option is to take