How To Fix The iPhone 6 Blue Screen Issue

Several of our readers have sent us an issue with their #iPhone6 where the screen just turns blue. This happens randomly and can happen when using apps or even when the phone is on standby. One characteristic of this problem is that the #iPhone 6 will suddenly display a blue screen then it will reboot. Sometimes the reboot may take up to an hour before the phone will turn on. This problem usually occurs on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5S with people now calling it as the “Blue Screen of Death” problem (not to be confused with the blue screen of death issue on Windows computers).

iPhone 6

Below are some of the blue screen problems that have been recently sent to us by our readers

How To Fix The iPhone 6 Blue Screen Issue


“I was on facetime and then suddenly my phone screen turned completely blue so I tried restarting it by pressing home button+pwr button and the screen turned off but never rebooted and now it won’t boot up and the screen won’t even turn on at all. I flipped the mute switch on/off to see if it was a display problem but the phone didn’t vibrate when I did that so I’m positive it won’t turn on, what should I do?”

“error blue screen and infinite rebooting and stuck on apple logo .. i tried restore on itunes the same issue rebooting and give me blue screen when waiting for the device to reboot for restoring”

“iPhone 6 Blue Screen And Then go to Recovery mode and Now Show 40 and 9 error so me. please help me how to fix.”

Solution: The first thing that you should do in this case is to hold the power button and the home button for at least 10 seconds until your phone turns off. Let go of both buttons when the screen turns black.  Once your phone is off open the iTunes app in your computer and connect the USB cord to a vacant USB port in your computer. Do not connect your phone yet. Hold down the home button on your phone then plug in the USB cable to your phone. Continue holding the home button until the connect to iTunes logo is displayed on the screen. iTunes will alert you that a phone has been connected in recovery mode. Restore your phone in this mode.

Once your phone has been restored and boots up make sure to update your phone software.

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