How to Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through activating an iOS 16 feature that prompts the iPhone to automatically send a notification prompting you to lower the volume down when you listen to loud headphone audio for long enough and thereby prevent hearing damage. Here’s a quick guide to reduce loud sounds on iPhone 14.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

New iPhones allow you to check your headphone levels while using headphones or Bluetooth headsets. 

You can also adjust the maximum audio level in decibels of your headphones so that your iPhone automatically warns you whenever you've exceeded the maximum decibel level. Necessary adjustments will then be applied to your headphones volume level when needed.

Just follow these steps if you need help activating this feature on your new iPhone 14 device.

  1. 1. To begin, open the iOS Settings app on your iPhone.

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    To do this, simply head over to the Home screen then tap the Settings icon represented with a gear-shaped figure. 

    You can also launch the Settings app from the App Library.

  2. 2. In the Settings menu, tap Sounds & Haptics.

    reduce loud sounds iphone14 2

    Audio-related features and settings will load up on the next display.

  3. 3. To continue, tap Headphone Safety under Headphone Audio.

    reduce loud sounds iphone14 3

    The Headphone Safety menu opens next. Here, you will find two main toggles that you can turn on or off.

  4. 4. Tap to turn on the Reduce Loud Sounds switch. Doing so activates the iOS feature that reduces any sound that is over a set decibel level on your device.

    reduce loud sounds iphone14 4

    Every time you listen to audio sounds using headphones or Bluetooth headsets,  your iPhone will measure and analyze the headphone audio levels to protect your hearing. 

  5. 5. To get relevant headphone notifications, tap to turn on the Headphone Notifications switch.

    reduce loud sounds iphone14 5

    You’ll need to turn on Headphone Notifications under Headphone Safety in order to receive headphone notifications regarding loud headphone audio exposure from your iPhone.

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Once you get this notification, the volume of your iPhone is automatically set to a lower level the next time you plug in your headphones or connect them through Bluetooth.

  • To view and read all the details of a headphone notification, just open the Health app then tap Browse on the top-right side of the screen. Select Hearing then tap Headphone Notifications. 

There, you should see the complete details of the headphone notification you receive.

You can also adjust the current decibel level that’s set on the Headphone and Safety menu.

  • To set a maximum decibel level that keeps your headphone audio at a safe and comfortable level, you can go back to your iPhone Settings-> Sounds & Haptics menu then tap Headphone Safety. Scroll down to the decibels slider then drag the slider to the left or right accordingly.

The phone will then analyze headphone audio and reduce any sound that is over your recently set decibel level.

Prevent unauthorized changes to headphone safety settings

If you let others use your iPhone like your family members, you can prevent them from altering the current Reduce Loud Sounds level by setting up restrictions.

  • To do this, simply head over to Settings-> Screen Time-> Content & Privacy Restrictions-> Reduce Loud Sounds then choose Don’t Allow.

That prevents any unauthorized changes to your iPhone’s headphone safety settings.

And that’s it!

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