Apple iPhone XR Conference Call Guide: How to Make a Conference Call on your iPhone XR

Along with the many fantastic features the iPhone XR offers, conference call might be one of the features that iOS users would like to look forward to. Just like on any other smartphones, android phones, or even landlines; you can also make the most of this feature on your new iPhone XR. Though conference calling might already be known to most people, learning the basics of conference calling is still imperative to those who are new to the iOS platform.

And this post should serve as free reference for anyone who needs help in getting started. If you’re here for the same reason, then this post is for you as well. Read further to learn how to make a conference on your new Apple iPhone XR handset.

How does conference call work on iPhone XR?

Your iPhone XR can let you combine of up to five calls at the same time, turning them into a conference call. Setting up a conference call on your iPhone XR is fairly easy. The entire process mainly involves placing the first call to a certain person, placing the first call on hold, then dial more contacts or people whom you want to add on to your conference call.

Getting started with conference calling on your iPhone XR

So you’ve got an urgent major project and you need to discuss it with your group. But since you are living in distant places, meeting up in person wouldn’t be a good option considering it’s an urgent situation. Good thing you’ve got an iPhone, which you can use to make an urgent conference call. To get started, you’ve got to set the list of contacts or people whom you want to include in your conference call.

Here is the step by step process on how to make a conference call on your iPhone XR:

  1. To make the first call, tap the Phone icon from the Home screen and then tap Keypad.
  2. You can either dial the number you’d like to call, or just select one from your contacts and then tap the Call icon.
  3. While on an active call, tap the Add Call icon. Doing so will let you add new calls to your existing call and form a conference call.
  4. Tap on the Keypad icon and dial the second phone number you wish to call. You can dial the number manually, or choose one from your contacts list. While calling the second number, the first recipient will be put on hold.
  5. Once the second call has been connected, tap Merge Calls to connect both recipients together.
  6. If you want to add more recipients on your conference call, just repeat steps two, three and four.
  7. Tap End Call button if you wish to terminate the call.

Adding incoming caller to existing conference call on your iPhone XR

Conference call is not only limited to making outgoing calls. In fact, incoming caller can also be added to the current conference call you initiated. Supposed you’ve forgotten a member of your group and that person initiated a regular call while you’re having the conference call, you can add that incoming caller to the conference. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. When the incoming call arrives, tap the option to Hold Call, then tap Answer.
  2. Once the incoming caller is connected, tap the option to Merge Calls.

The caller will then be able to join the conference call.

Dropping a call from your conference call

If you initiated the conference call, then you have the authority to drop a call from the conference. Here’s how you do it:

  1. To drop a call, just select Conference option.
  2. Then tap the Phone icon inside the red circle next to the call.
  3. Finally, tap End Call to end the call and remove that person from your conference call.

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Talking privately during conference call

Another thing that you can do while on a conference call, is that you can also talk privately to one of the recipients in a conference. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. While on a conference call, tap Conference.
  2. Tap Private next to the recipient you wish to have private conversation with.
  3. Then tap Merge Calls to return the recipient back to the conference call.

Hope this gives you enough information to get started making a conference call and make the most of this significant feature of your hefty iPhone. Keep posted for more comprehensive guides to populate soon on this channel.

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