How to fix Apple iPhone 7 that won’t connect to Wi-Fi [Troubleshooting Guide]

Internet is one of the reasons why smartphones are built and for the last 5 years, we’ve seen manufacturers releasing high-end devices each year while internet connectivity becomes faster and faster. This year, #Apple just released the iPhone 7 (#iPhone7), which has some really impressive technical specifications and some new features. But the question is, what would you do if your new device would no longer connect to Wi-Fi?



When this happens, there questions you can ask yourself to probe the problem further. This way you can immediately determine the cause as well as the solution or workaround. Do all your devices connect to your home Wi-Fi except your iPhone 7? Does your iPhone 7 connect to all other hotspots except one? Or maybe it won’t connect to any networks at all.

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Troubleshooting Apple iPhone 7 that won’t connect to Wi-Fi

This problem can be just a very minor glitch or temporary issue with the phone’s Wi-Fi radio or it can be a more complicated firmware or hardware problem. Whatever it may be, it is imperative that you do the basic troubleshooting so that you determine whether it can be fixed on your own or you need to go to the Apple store.

Step 1: Reboot your iPhone 7

Glitches happen all the time and iPhones aren’t exempted. Most of the time these glitches are minor cases and may have been caused by some services that crashed or stopped working. The best and safest course of action is to reboot your iPhone and see if it can connect to your home Wi-Fi after that. If still no, then continue with your troubleshooting.

  • On your iPhone, press and hold the power button until slide to power off appears. Slide across the screen with your finger and wait for your iPhone to power off. It can take 15 seconds or more for your iPhone to power off. Next, hold the power button until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Step 2: Try connecting to other Wi-Fi networks

We’re still in the probing stage and while this step won’t fix the problem if there’s any, it would simply give you an idea whether it’s a network-related issue you’re having or a phone problem. You may go to Starbucks, a coffee shop, mall, friend’s house or anywhere you can test your iPhone.

So, what if my iPhone 7 can connect to other Wi-Fi networks?

Well, it’s obvious the issue is with your network and the next thing you’d do is reboot your network equipment. Unplug your modem and/or router and see if that helps because if the problem persists, you need to further check your network.

If you have other devices or mobile phones, use them to see if they can connect and get a connection from your home network. At this stage, you’re sure that your iPhone 7 has no issues whatsoever but you need to troubleshoot your network and if you can’t fix it on your own, you better call your Internet service provider and have it figured out.

Step 3: Delete Wi-Fi networks your iPhone 7 connected to

If the problem remains after doing the first two steps, it’s time to go after some settings on your iPhone. This time, go after the network settings. The following procedure will reset the network settings and delete Wi-Fi records on your device.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Reset, it’s all the way at the bottom.
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  5. Confirm in the popup.
  6. Your iPhone 7 will reboot.

After this, let your device scan, detect and connect to your Home network. It may connect, it may not but it’s a necessary step to know if the problem is that serious or just a minor issue that was triggered somehow.

Step 4: Restore your iPhone 7

Assuming you already had your ISP check your internet connection and your network equipment and that everything can connect to your home Wi-Fi except your iPhone, then it’s time you restored the device.

Backup your files and data first and then restore your iPhone to bring it back to its default settings or the time when everything is working properly without a hitch.

Step 5: Have Apple techs check it for you

After restoring your iPhone 7 and the problem remains, it’s time you go to the Apple Store and have the tech check it for you because as far as troubleshooting is concerned, you’ve done your part and there’s nothing you can do at this point.

Perhaps there’s really a problem with the phone or it could be anything else.

So, there you have it. I hope that this very simple troubleshooting guide can help you fix your Apple iPhone 7 that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

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  1. I can connect (iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.2) to the wifi in the lobby of the hotel. When I go to the 13th floor, it shows as connected but won’t work.
    I’ve done reset network setting, reboot, hard reboot, you name it, no joy.
    If I hit the info button next to the network there is some blurb about unsecured network.
    We can connect on the 13th floor with an iPhone 6 & and iPhone 5.

    Tried connected to the url of the login page for the network. No joy either.

    Feeling demented by it all.

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