How To Fix Apple iPhone 6s Plus Wont Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide]

In this post, I will tackle an issue with the iPhone 6s Plus (#Apple #iPhone6sPlus) that is very common to Apple users. At some point, you may have experienced that your device won’t respond when you hit the Power button. When this occurs and you’re absolutely certain your device didn’t suffer from liquid and physical damages, then try to look at these two most common reasons—drained battery and system crash.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Wont Turn On

Troubleshoot iPhone 6s Plus that’s not turning on

Our troubleshooting will be based on the two most common reasons why an iPhone won’t turn on. Apple technicians also follow the procedures you can find in this post as they are very basic.

Step 1: Charge your iPhone. Even if you are certain that your device had plenty of charge before it died, you still need to plug it because this procedure doesn’t just charges your iPhone, it also gives you an overview what the problem is. Apple mobile devices turn on while being charged. If the battery was depleted, then it may take several seconds to a few minutes before the device turns on so leave it plugged in for, at least, 15 minutes before deciding to go to step 2.

Step 2: Make sure it’s not a simple system crash. If you tried to plug your iPhone 6s Plus and it didn’t charge or didn’t turn on, then there’s a possibility that iOS (the operating system of your device) crashed leaving your phone unresponsive and prevented the charging (yes, the operating system has a big role in making sure the phone is charging properly).

Assuming it’s a system crash, there’s one very simple procedure you can do to fix it: simply press and hold the Power button and the Home button together for 20 seconds. The Apple logo would then appear indicating the system is up and running again and the problem solved.

Step 3: Isolate the problem further. So, the iPhone didn’t charge and it seems not a system crash. To further troubleshoot the problem, do the following:

  • Check the charging port on your device to see if something gets in the way like a debris or lint.
  • Check the USB cable for any breakage.
  • Check the power source by plugging other appliances in the same outlet you used to charge your phone or you can simply plug the adapter to other outlets.

Step 4: Get support. If you get this far, then there’s a serious problem with your iPhone and you need someone who has sufficient knowledge and authorized to troubleshoot the problem further either by opening the phone or reinstalling the firmware. In other words, seek support from Apple tech. Make a genius bar appointment before going to the store.