How To Fix iPhone 6 Slow Charging Issue, Other Power Charging Issues

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Having power-related problems with your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (#iPhone6 #iPhone6Plus)? This post might be able to give you an idea where to start with your troubleshooting.

Charging and boot problems on iOS devices are some of the common problems we usually encounter. The fact that there are many readers sending us requests for assistance everyday regarding this problem is a testament of how prevalent it is.

We aim to continue posting articles in the coming weeks to resolve this issue so if you don’t see your letter published here today, keep watching for our next posts in the near future.

In the meantime, here are the specific topics discussed in this article today:

  1. How to fix iPhone 6 slow charging issue
  2. iPhone 6 error 53
  3. iPhone 6 not charging
  4. iPhone 6 won’t power on after LCD and digitizer replacement
  5. iPhone 6 Plus won’t turn on unless hard reset is done
  6. iPhone 6 screen flickering issue

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How To Fix iPhone 6 Slow Charging Issue

Problem #1: How to fix iPhone 6 slow charging issue

Trouble charging…the phone is two months old. It was charging fine. Then I noticed that it didn’t make the tone sound when plugging charger into phone nor did the green charging light come on, but it still sorta charges but it takes about 12 hours to get about a 50% charge. It is the charger that came with phone and I’ve tried plugged into outlet and computer. I’ve tried the reset also. Thanks. — Michael

Solution: Hi Micheal. A charging issue like yours calls for a number of steps to identify where the trouble lies. Your first task is therefore to narrow down the possible causes first so an effective solution can be applied. These are the steps that you can do:

Check the charging port and phone for any signs of damage

Damaged battery can sometimes cause slow charging issue. One of the indicators of a malfunctioning battery is often swelling. Unlike Android devices, your iPhone’s battery is non-removable so it is important that you look for the telltale sign of swelling in the back area of the phone.

You also want to verify if the charging port is okay. Make sure that there are no visible debris in the port.

Try to use another charger

If you have another iOS device, try using its charger and/or charging cable on your iPhone 6 to see the difference.

Update iOS to the latest available update

This is a no-brainer. With or without issues, it cannot be emphasize enough to always install the latest available update to minimize problems.

Try to turn off the phone when charging

This may sound inconvenient especially if you can’t live without a smartphone for a few hours but for troubleshooting sake, we highly recommend that you do so. If your phone charges normally or faster when it’s powered down, that means that there’s either a firmware issue or an app is causing the problem.

Perform another round of factory restore

A full restore may become useless if the cause of the problem is due to an app. That means that you are simply re-installing the source of the problem again after the reset. Make sure to observe how the phone behaves for 24 hours without installing any third party apps after a restore. This way you can confirm if one of your apps is to blame.

Problem #2: iPhone 6 error 53

I try to update my phone through my device but it shows to connect to iTunes to update your device. Before i update through iTunes, i disable “Find my iPhone”. After that i plugin my device to my PC. While updating it shows the error 53 message and it stucks in DFU mode. And now i’m unable to reboot my device. Please guide me. — Kheeneeish

Solution: Hi Kheeneeish. We addressed iPhone 6 error 53 in 2 posts previously. Please refer to the resource for solutions:

  • How To Fix iTunes Update Error

Problem #3: iPhone 6 not charging

My phone was on the charger and it was charging perfectly fine as it always does. I notice that an iOS update for 9.2 pops up so I select install update and still everything is going fine as soon as the update finished. i entered my code and bam my phone has not  been able to charge since the finishing of the update.

I Googled almost everything i could think of and tried all of the fixes but nothing has worked. I barely got my iPhone 6 in September of 2014 and I’ve taken great care of my phone. i don’t understand what could of happened. — Christa

Solution: Hi Christa. A successful charging process involves 4 things — software, the charging port on your iPhone, the USB cable, and the wall adapter. If any of them fail, you can have a charging problem. While the last three are hardware, most of the time the reason for a smartphone like your Iphone 6 to stop charging can be due to software.

Power flow inside your iPhone does not simply run from wall outlet to the battery. The software or firmware actually decides whether or not your phone is supposed to charge. Troubleshooting the software is as important as checking the hardware in this case. Make sure that you perform a hard reset first to see the difference. You can do this by holding the power and home buttons at the same time for at least 30 seconds. Wait for the phone to reboot then try to charge again.

If a simple reset won’t fix the issue, try to do a factory reset (also known as Erase All Content and Settings) by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Finally, if nothing seems to resolve the issue, try using a completely

Problem #4: iPhone 6 won’t power on after LCD and digitizer replacement

I replaced the lcd and digitizer of an iPhone 6 screen that had been severely damaged. The outer screen and the lcd was cracked badly. Now that I’ve done a screen replacement and installation the phone won’t turn on even with the charger connected. There’s no sound, vibrations, the lcd doesn’t display anything, i had took the broken lcd off the phone and had it sitting on my desk for some time expose before i actually replaced the screen.

What do you think is my issue or i did wrong? — Samuel

Solution: Hi Samuel. We really can’t say for sure what prevents the phone from turning on unless we can physically check it. If you don’t know hardware diagnostic procedures, kindly seek the help of professionals/shops.

Problem #5: iPhone 6 Plus won’t turn on unless hard reset is done

Hello there, I have a iPhone 6 Plus. Recently did screen change. Now the phone will come on only after hard reset. Then after phone comes on everything works great. But as soon as you hit the power button to put it to sleep, it will not come back on without holding the power button, and home button like a hard reset every time. The home button will not bring the screen up, nor will the power button. Any help would be greatly appreciated. — Mike

Solution: Hi Mike. If your iPhone 6 has been opened due to screen replacement, the problem may be hardware-related. Make sure to check the condition of the Home and Power buttons first. Their circuitry may have been damaged during the screen replacement process. If you can’t do this on your phone, make sure to seek the help of a technician who can.

Problem #6: iPhone 6 screen flickering issue

Yesterday my screen started flickering at the top and now apps and iPhone are not responsive. My iPhone 6 Plus just locks up and I can’t do anything with it. After a reset, home button and power button push, it’s still unresponsive. I tried to do a recovery with my iMac/iTunes and it didn’t work. I then wiped it clean through Find My iPhone app and restarted as a new iPhone but still no luck… Flickering still continues. No AppleCare or insurance through AT&T…Help! — Joe

Solution: Hi Joe. Screen flickering commonly occurs after a smartphone has been dropped or has seen water. If your device was previously dropped or got wet, the real reason for the problem should be hardware in nature and there’s nothing that we can do about that. Our blog only provides software troubleshooting. Just like Samuel and Mike above, we recommend that you seek the help of technicians in your area instead so the phone can be checked physically.

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  1. Hi , my iPhone 6 very slow charging after 95%, ……..50%to95% charging time one hour and 95% to 100% charging time 30 min. Please help me

  2. iPhone 6 very slow charging after95%……………50% to95% charging time one hour and 95%to100% charging time 30 min.

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