How to fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

When a smartphone like the #Apple #iPhone6Plus iPhone will suddenly not power on, there are three potential factors you need to consider. It could be just a simple battery power drain, a software glitch, or worst, an indication of a device being badly damaged.


Unfortunately, for the last factor, your only option is to take your device to an authorized Apple technician for further physical check and/or repair since it’s the hardware that we’re dealing with. But if you’re certain that there is no occurring damage to your iPhone, then you can skip the thought of paying for a technician visit and instead, try some workarounds to get it back up and running again.

Don’t have any idea of what to do if you cannot get your iPhone 6 Plus to power up? Here’s a comprehensive guide for you to refer to.

The methods I have introduced in this post are deemed generic workarounds used to deal with power-related issues in mobile devices. That being said, anyone who has similar problem with any other phone variant may also use these methods to troubleshoot and fix their device by themselves. Here are the things you can do for now:

Step 1: Charge your iPhone again. Considering complete power drain or depleted battery life is causing your iPhone to not power on, the best thing to do is to allow your iPhone to charge longer, at least 30 minutes, an hour, or so. Charging a device that’s completely drained of power would usually take longer than usual. So give it some more time to re-charge.

Given the problem is associated with a quick battery drain you can try to optimize your settings to preserve battery life. For example, adjust your iPhone’s screen brightness and disable connectivity and location services when not in use. You can also enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone. It’s actually the easiest way to extend battery life on your device when it begins to get low. Just head on to your iPhone Settings-> Battery, and tap Low Power Mode switch to enable the feature. When enabled, it will automatically reduce screen brightness, optimizes device performance, and minimizes system animations. Your iPhone will automatically exit Low Power Mode once it charges up again.

Turning on Airplane Mode on your iPhone can also help optimize battery life. To do so, just swipe to open the Control Center and tap the Airplane mode icon to enable the feature.

You can also check your power usage by going to Settings-> Battery. From this menu, you can view and manage your device’s battery usage by each application.

Step 2: Soft reset your iPhone. If you think your device is already getting enough power, then attempt to press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for about 15 to 30 seconds until the Apple logo displays. This workaround is mostly used to deal with various power issues among mobile devices, including iPhones that won’t turn on due to some corrupted applications or system glitches. If it doesn’t do any good at first, then you may need to redo this method twice or more. Just be sure to hold both buttons down for up to 30 seconds or until the Apple logo displays. Given your phone is charged and that there’s no existing damage to the hardware, performing this method should get your iPhone start up eventually.

Some iPhone 6 Plus owners who have claimed their phone has just went dead after receiving the latest software update have managed to revive their device by performing a soft reset (pressing and holding the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for about 30 seconds).

Hint: If you’ve connected your iPhone to a computer, you may be prompted to connect your device to iTunes after a few seconds of pressing and holding the Power and Home button. Just follow the onscreen instructions and your iPhone should be running again.

Step 3: Ensure no damage to charging equipment. There are times when you think you can’t get your iPhone to turn back on because it’s damaged. But actually the real culprit is on the charging equipment, like a dysfunctional charger, USB cable, or charging port. To make sure this is not causing you this trouble, verify your charging ports are free of any debris or dirt. Also check the USB cable and see if it’s just properly working. You may try to use another USB cable available or use the same cable to charge other compatible devices just to help you isolate the problem. Also when charging, it would be better to connect your device/charger to a power source or wall outlet.

Moreover, if your iPhone is charged by connecting it to a computer via USB, make sure your computer is plugged in and powered on. Your device won’t charge or its battery may drain if it’s connected to a computer that is is off, in sleep or standby mode.

Note: It’s best to use the OEM or manufacturer-recommended charging equipment including the charger and USB cable that came with your iPhone 6 Plus. Other third-party charging accessories may be incompatible with your iPhone, and thereby causing it to not charge properly.

If your iPhone remains dead after performing all the recommended workarounds, then you’ve got no other choice but to take it to an authorized technician for hardware check/repair, otherwise, seek further assistance from an Apple Genius to get it back up and running again. If your device is still under warranty, then you can request for a replacement unit instead.

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