How to fix Apple iPhone 6 black screen or won’t turn on

Generally, power issues would start to emerge on a device after several months or years of usage. But this is not always the case. As a matter of fact, a number of #Apple #iPhone6 owners have been raising complaints online regarding their iPhones that won’t boot up for some reason, even after just a few days or weeks of use.

iPhone won’t turn on?

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Generally, the best way to fix iPhone 6 that won’t turn on is to connect your iPhone to iTunes via desktop USB or reboot into recovery mode.  We’ll go over the specifics below.


In this post, I have tackled three relevant scenarios where users are having troubles booting up their iPhone 6.

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Won’t boot up, can’t get past the Apple logo, iTunes restore error 4005

Problem: “My iPhone won’t turn on. It get to the white Apple – and then the screen cascades in a series of colors (either red, green or blue – sometimes with stripes) as the Apple logo fades away only to repeat. I have tried resetting via iTunes in recovery mode – and I get an unknown error 4005. I have tried running down the battery but the same thing keeps happening. This all started suddenly – was just starting to play a song on iTunes music when the phone just shut down. Help!”

Answer: The error 4005 on your iPhone 6 indicates that something went wrong while attempting to restore or update your device via iTunes. It usually prompts you with this message, “The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4005).”

To fix this error, try to perform the following workarounds:

  • Upgrade to the latest iTunes version available.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Restore your iPhone using a different USB cable, or another computer.
  • Force your iPhone to restart.

And to deal with the Apple logo, red, or blue screen that shows up during start up, try these workarounds:

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • Open iTunes.
  • While your iPhone is connected, force it to restart and then enter the Recovery mode.

Here’s how you force your iPhone 6 to restart and enter Recovery mode:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • Keep holding both buttons and do not release when the Apple logo appears.
  • Wait for the Recovery mode screen to display and then release both buttons. Proceed to the next step.
  • When you’re prompted with the options to restore or update, select Update to proceed. iTunes will then attempt to re-install the iOS without erasing your data.
  • Wait for iTunes to finish downloading the software for your phone. This process could take over 15 minutes to complete. Your phone will then exit recovery mode. You may need to repeat a force restart on your iPhone and enter Recovery mode to restore your device via iTunes.

Other applicable workarounds to deal with iTunes error 4005:

  • ensure your iPhone is fully charged
  • at least 1 GB of storage space available on your iPhone
  • use an original Apple certified USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer
  • update computer to the latest operating system (OS)

Suggestions for highly skilled or tech-savvy users:

  • try a different USB port
  • replace the battery, dock connector, proximity sensor flex cable, front camera flex cable
  • remove IC compass
  • restore without LCD

If the error remains after doing all that, then contact Apple Support for further assistance and recommendations.

Related problem: “I have an iPhone 6 and it will not turn on. When I press Power the Apple sign pops up and goes right off then it’s just a dim glow.”

Answer: Ensure your iPhone has enough battery life to power on. Otherwise, you may need to recharge it first. If needed, plug in your phone and let it charge for up to an hour. After ensuring that your phone has sufficient battery life, restart your iPhone.

Steps to restart your iPhone 6:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the red slider.
  • Drag the slider to turn your phone completely off.
  • Wait for a few seconds then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until the Apple logo appears.

If problem persists after the restart, your next option is to force your device to restart by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake (Power) button and Home buttons together for 20 seconds until you see the Apple logo. Forcing the phone to restart will not erase contents currently stored on it.

And if all of these methods failed to get your iPhone 6 back up and running, I finally suggest contacting Apple Support to set up service or repair appointment.

Won’t boot up after sudden shutdown

Problem: “I was on Facebook and then my phone screen turned completely blue. I tried restarting it by pressing Home button and Power button and the screen turned off but never rebooted and now it won’t boot up and the screen won’t even turn on at all. What should I do to turn it on?”

Answer: Power issues that are software-related are often resolved by performing a force restart (Press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears). And I understand that you’ve already done that but to no avail. To ensure the battery life is not the culprit, try to charge your iPhone this time. Connect it to a functional power source using a USB cable and then let it charge for at least 20 minutes. After the elapsed time and while your phone is connected to the charger, you can try to power it on. Sometimes, it’s may just be the battery that went dead, thus, preventing your device from powering on no matter how you try. If it still won’t power on after giving it enough time to charge, then I suggest you contact Apple Support to escalate your concern and/or set up for service. There’s a higher chance that the problem is due to a hardware damage, which needs to be fixed by authorized Apple technicians.

More Power tips for your iPhone 6

If your iPhone won’t turn on and won’t charge, try to check the dock connector and make sure it is not corroded. You may also need to check the battery for any potential damages, or consider replacing it especially if you’ve been using it for so long already.

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  1. Hi my name is Emmanuel Ijioma, I am a Nigerian…my iphone6 won’t come on. So I saw this tip on google to hold the lock and home button simultaneously and not to let go even after seeing the apple logo. but accidentally I let go of buttons after seeing the apple logo and it came on fine…

    I´m glad it worked at least I saw a useful information that helped me.

    Thanks to your team.

  2. i need ur hepl i have iphone 6s when i turn it on apple logo appears n after 5 sec it goes away i m not able to start my phone

  3. Mine has the same issue when I updated the software. It shut down. And when I tired to power it up it the logo appear but it went on off (repeat) with some red/yellow line. I tired holding the home and on/off button simultaneously till the restore screen appear. Then I open up itune using my computer and connect my iphone using USB cable to the computer. When the phone is connected, message pop out asking you to update or restore. I select update and it will take some time to update it. After the updating is completed. You will then have to disconnect the iphone from your computer and press the on/off and home button simultaneously again till the restore screen appear then connect it to the itune in your computer. Then a message will pop out and you will then have to click restore and update. Once again this take a few min to start up. After it completely update and restored, your iphone will turn back to be the blank screen. Then press the on/off and home button simultaneously till the apple logo appear. it will start to load. After loading, it will then direct you to the page just like a brand new phone. (Sadly , all my data was erased)

  4. My iPhone 6S was on charger screen went black and holding on/off button doesn’t work neither does power button or holding together is there something else to try

  5. “(Press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears)”. It worked. Thanks boss

  6. help me please. My iPhone 6 won’t turn on but I did while charger 24 hours and iPhone won’t turn on still black screen display just PLEASE HELP😞

  7. help me please. My iPhone 6 won’t turn on but I did while charger 24 hours and iPhone won’t turn on still black screen display just PLEASE

  8. Can you please help me? My iphone 6 screen is black but when plugged into computer, it recognized my iphone. but i cant select the option “trust this computer” because of the black screen issue. I need to transfer all my data and photos. How is it possible to unlock the black screen and trust this computer?

  9. when my phone turn on displays the apple log then goes block and turned off stage away !!!!!. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello,I upgraded my phone to the lastest version and it has been giving me problem since then,it will hang while pressing and reboot while pressing and not pressing the phone at times , the phone hang up and then I was force to restart the phone, after I restart, the phone shut down and won’t power up till now, can this be fixed please, I notice all this after I upgraded my iOS version…. Please and I have files I don’t wanna lose .

  11. Hi, my iphone 6 plus is working fine, but apparently, when i locked the screen or whenever the screen goes off if ever i turned it on most of the time the screen will just lighten slightly from black to light black indicating that the home button or any button that i pressed is working fine. Then i will repeat it for a couple of times and hurray it will open. sometimes it will open immediately for just 1 try but most of the time i have to do it a couple of times before i could open it. P.S. the buttons (Home Button/Lock Button) is functioning properly. the problem just occurs whenever the screen is off. Could you give me some advice? Thanks

  12. please help.
    i was taking a picture with the flash and suddenly it became blackout. i tried pressssing the home button and the wake button but it still doesnt work. i also tried charing it but it wont on. PLEASE HELP

  13. My phone went blank. At first i could receive phone calls and but not able to answer ‘cos I cant see anything. Then I read some article online to push Home and Wake Button then release it not even seeing an Apple Logo. As of now, issue is not yet resolved.

  14. My home button isnt working as its spoiled n i cant press and hold both the button because it doesnt worked . So what else solution there is?

  15. omg thank you so much,my iphone wasn’t turning on, so i left it to charge over two hour’s, then i got worried i came on my laptop and search up what to do if your iphone six wont turn on then i found this i tried it and my iphone turned on, omg thank’s for the tip i was starting to get worried

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  19. I keep getting phone calls and text messages,but can not answer since it is a black screen

  20. I did not drop my phone or do anything to it but the is black and it won’t turn on antibiotics I already tried holding the power button and charging it but it still won’t work

  21. THANK YOU!!!!!! I thought I was going to have to buy a new damn phone… I just love apple sometimes. You’re a life saver

  22. Thank you very much to the person who published this very helpful as soon as I tried it turned on right away

  23. Thanks you so much your helpful advice. I was able to ‘revive’ my iPhone by holding down the home and on/off buttons simultaneously. You are the best teacher.

    Thanks again.

    Terri. 🙂 🙂

  24. So I was on snapchat ( I did not drop my phone), then the screen just turned black and now it won’t turn on. I keep getting phone calls and text messages, but can not answer since it is a black screen. I tried clicking home button and lock button simultaneously, but it still is not working.

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