How to Create Auto-Reply Message on iPhone SE 2021 | DND Auto-Reply Feature

This post will help you create auto-reply message on the Apple iPhone SE 2020 smartphone while DND is enabled.

Aside from silencing calls, alerts and other notifications, the iOS 13 Do Not Disturb or DND feature also offers an auto-response system that’s mainly programmed to let someone know that you cannot respond to their text because you’re driving, or just don’t want to get distracted from any sort of text messages at the moment. 

This is made possible with the iOS Auto-reply feature that activates when DND is turned on.

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If you’re wondering how to access and manage this setting on the new iPhone SE 2020 handset, then you can refer to this quick walk-through.

Easy Steps to Create Auto-Reply Message on your new iPhone SE 2020 smartphone

Time Needed : 8 minutes

The following steps will walk you through accessing the iPhone SE settings where you can modify or set up an automatic reply message to anyone who sends messages while your phone is set to DND mode.

  1. To get started, navigate to the Home screen.While on the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.

    Doing so will open the main settings menu of the phone.On the settings menu, you will see a list of basic and advanced iOS features and services you can enable or disable.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - settings

  2. Locate and then tap Do Not Disturb.

    The Do Not Disturb settings menu will launch.Here you will see a number of features that can be activated when DND is enabled or turned on.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - dnd

  3. Scroll down to view more items and then select Auto-reply.

    On the auto-reply screen, you will see the default message that will be sent to the specified contacts who send you text while the phone is on Do Not Disturb mode.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - autorep

  4. To edit or change the message, simply tap anywhere on the text field, erase the existing texts and then type in the new message that you’d like to use or set as auto-reply.

    Just keep the message short and straight to the point.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - type-in

  5. Once you’re done with the auto-reply message, tap the Back key.

    The changes will automatically be saved and set as an auto-reply message on  your device.This message will be sent to the contacts you’ve specified to get the auto-reply.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - backkey

  6. To manage or change the auto-reply recipients, tap Auto-Reply To from the Do Not Disturb menu.

    On the Auto-reply to menu, you will see a list of available options including no one, recents, favorites, and all contacts.By default, the selected auto-reply recipients are set to favorites.This means that any of your contacts listed in your Favorites list is the eligible recipient of the auto-reply message when they send you a text message and DND mode is enabled on your iPhone.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - repto

  7. To change the selection, simply tap on your preferred option. You may opt to send the auto-reply message to all contacts or anyone in your Recents list.

    The selected auto-reply message recipient will be marked with a check. After making necessary changes to the auto-reply to menu, tap the Back icon to return to the Do Not Disturb settings.Here you can configure other DND options in different sections.Scroll up and make sure that the Do Not Disturb switch is turned on, especially if you don’t want to be distracted from any calls or notifications at the moment.create auto-reply message iphone se 2020 dnd - recipients

  • iOS 13.6
  • Apple iPhone SE 2020

You can always turn the Do Not Disturb switch at any time whenever you no longer mind getting any sort of notifications on your device.

Another way to access the DND control on your iPhone is through the control center. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the display to launch the control center.

Then, locate and tap to enable or disable the DND icon that’s represented by a crescent moon-like figure.

Turning DND on and off can also be considered among other potential solutions to sound-related issues in iOS devices. Doing so somehow refreshes the device’s audio system and thereby rectifies and eliminates some minor flaws.

And that covers everything in this quick tutorial.

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!


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