What to do if iPhone 8 Instagram app won’t open or keeps crashing

Hello and welcome to today’s #iPhone8 troubleshooting article! While the main case is about how to deal with Instagram app not opening, we also include three other related issues. We hope you’ll find this post helpful.

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Problem #1: iPhone 8 connects to Wifi but there’s no internet connection

I have an iPhone 8.  in my office my computer (MacBook pro) connects to wifi and to internet no problem. my iphone indicates it’s also connected to the same router but says no internet.  I’ve tried rebooting modem and router. no help. tried resetting the iphone (have needed to do that nearly daily when doesn’t perform some task and resetting usually enables iphone to do the task).  this time no help. have tried turning wifi on phone off and on a few times. no help. tried settings>cellular>wifi assist toggled on and off a few times, no help. have had phone forget the router and then restarted phone and then reconnect to router (and needing to re-enter the wifi password to connect to the router).  again connects to router and shows the multiple arcs symbol of being connected to wifi…but when I try to access new email or use a browser to go to a site I get message no connection. computer can use router/wifi to access websites on internet and iphone using same router/wifi cannot …weird. maybe you know what’s going on? — Jeffrey Weinberg

Solution: Hi Jeffrey. If your iPhone 8 does not have any problem connecting to other wifi networks, that means the reason for your issue must lie in the router, particularly on how it’s configured. Are you the administrator of your office wifi? Can you access its GUI (graphical users interface)? If yes, then you should consider checking if you’ve accidentally put a restriction for your own phone.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then let someone who has knowledge of setting up the router do the checks for you. Alternatively, you can contact the Internet Service Provider (that provided the router) and ask for support.

Phone-wise, we also suggest that you reset your iPhone’s network settings to ensure that you clear all wifi and cellular configuration back to defaults. Here’s how to do that:
Tap Settings to open the app.

  1. Tap General.
  2. Tap Reset.
  3. Select the option to Reset Network Settings.
  4. If prompted, enter the device password.
  5. Confirm action.

Problem #2: iPhone 8 wifi keeps disconnecting, needs to log back in to wifi after screen is locked

I use internet through username password enabled Wi Fi network. After logging in onto the network and successfully connecting it,i start using the internet.Then if I lock the phone and keep it aside for a brief time ( 30-90 secs) and then again try to user Internet, I need to relogin to the wi-fi network. Can you please explain why does that happen and how I can avoid that. — Ruchir.pathak

Solution: Hi Ruchir. The possible reasons why this situation occurs can be two things:

  • your iPhone 8 has a software bug
  • it’s how the wifi network is setup

To know if it’s a software bug, try to connect to another wifi network and try to replicate the situation. If you have the same problem on the second wifi network, then it’s an issue with your phone. We recommend that you clear its network settings first and see what happens. If that won’t fix the issue, wipe it clean by doing a factory reset. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Select the option to Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. If prompted, enter the correct passcode for your device to continue.
  6. Tap the option to confirm action.

Wait until your iPhone completes the master reset your iPhone will reboot in factory defaults settings. By then you may proceed with the initial setup process and set up your iPhone as new.

Note: The new iPhone 8 has anti-theft feature called Find My iPhone, which may affect how you are able to master reset your device. To prevent any relevant issue to occur while attempting to master reset your new iPhone,it is highly recommended to turn this Anti-theft feature OFF beforehand.

To do so, navigate to Settings -> tap your Apple ID at the top of the list -> select your device from the list at the bottom-> then tap Find My iPhone. To disable the feature, tap the slider next to Find My iPhone, then enter your Apple ID password to proceed. Finally, tap Turn Off to confirm action.

Problem #3: iPhone 8 connects to wifi but internet won’t work

I used to connect to WiFi with no problem but suddenly my iPhone 8 is not connected despite that I have strong connection in my phone (all bars). I tried to do everything, I restarted my phone and router, I did rest for network and reset for all settings, I changed my place I did everything was mentioned in this article but with no luck, can you help please? — Yasmeen_alramahi

Solution: Hi Yasmeen. Have you tried doing a factory reset (steps provided above)? If you did and the issue remains after doing, then that already an issue with the router and not on your phone. If you’re having a problem with a home wifi network, contact your ISP or Internet Service Provider so they can walk you the troubleshooting steps. Your aim in doing this is to know whether or not you can fix this router issue on your level. If not, then your ISP must find a way to resolve it. They’ll usually do that by sending someone to check the router physically.

If you are trying to connect to a wifi network that you don’t have control over like a company or somebody else’s equipment, then you need to talk to the person in charge of maintaining the router. You have to tell him or her that while your iPhone can connect to the wifi network, it can’t get internet connection. There’s a lot of possible reasons why this is so but it’s no longer your responsibility.

Problem #4: What to do if iPhone 8 Instagram app won’t open

Hi! I just got my new iPhone 8 64GB. Instagram app will download from App store to my phone, but as soon as I want to open the app, it seems to open but after a short second just shuts down. In short; I can’t open the app any possible way. At first it seemed like a hardware bug, and so I got a new iPhone 8 64GB, but same issue occurred.  I tried all possible solutions (soft reset, hard reset, close app, redownload, delete the app from my old phone and make a back up afterwards to place that back up on my new phone and then download the app from the store right away, …). Went to the Apple store, they said it was a hardware bug. But now it’s happening again, and I doubt I have twice the bad luck. Please, very please, do you maybe have a solution? Kind regards. — Lin (Holland). linde

Solution: Hi Lin. Instagram had stability issues with some Android devices about a week ago but there was no such reports for iOS devices. If this is already the second iPhone 8 with the same exact issue when it comes to this app, that can no longer be attributed to a hardware glitch.

This is either an app issue that we haven’t heard of, or an internet connection problem on your device. Below are our suggestions for you:

Step #1: Delete Instagram from your device

You’ve probably rebooted your iPhone already but if you haven’t, make sure that you do it. Then, If you still have the app in your iPhone 8 right now, delete it.

Step #2: Switch to another network connection

If you’ve been using cellular connection all this time, try to switch to a known good working wifi network or vice versa. The problem may be caused by weak internet connection on your device

Step #3: Reset network settings

If switching to another connection type won’t help at all, make sure that you reset your device’s network settings. Steps to do this are provided above.

Step #4: Reinstall Instagram app

Once you’ve connected to a good working internet connection and wiped the network settings, you can then install your Instagram app again and see what happens.

Step #5: Report the bug

If the problem remains, that means the problem must be on the app itself. Make sure to report the bug to Instagram developer team. If you can’t go to your Instagram profile on your phone, try to visit their web version on your computer at https://www.instagram.com/.

There may not be an immediate fix this issue right away so all you have to do is to wait. You may or may not hear from Instagram about this so just be patient and be sure to check if the issue is resolved by installing the app every day.

We can confirm that Instagram app is working on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at this time so this may be an isolated case.

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