What to do if your iPhone 6 shows a yellow battery icon

Wondering why your iPhone 6 is showing a yellow battery icon? If that is so, then this post will explain it further for you. Read on to learn why your iPhone shows a yellow battery icon on its status bar and what to do to make it go back to its usual appearance.

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When and why your iPhone shows a yellow battery icon?

Your iPhone has a battery indicator/icon found on the upper-right side of the status bar. Normally, the icon appears white or green if it’s sufficiently charged and red if the battery level is critically low. If the battery icon appears yellow, then that denotes that the phone is currently running in low power mode or Low Power Mode is enabled on your device. This does not denote a problem actually. In fact, everything is working properly on your device. However, putting your iPhone in low power mode also limits some of its key functions as the system’s way of trying to reduce power usage and extend its battery.

How to make your iPhone’s battery icon go back to its usual color?

In normal circumstances, the battery icon automatically switches to yellow or power mode if the remaining power goes down to 20 per cent. When this happens, the power consumption of your iPhone is temporarily reduced. However, some of your iPhone’s key features like background app refresh, Siri, automatic downloads, automated visual effects, and mail fetching are limited or disabled completely when running the system on this mode. You will also notice that your iPhone’s display becomes dimmer. To restore all these services, just allow your device to charge and once its battery level is back up to 80 per cent and above, everything should go back to its normal operating and the battery icon on your phone goes back to its usual color.

This so-called color transition on the battery icon can also be changed manually through your iPhone settings.

If you turn off Low Power mode while your iPhone’s battery is at critical level, then that will make the battery icon turn red. If it’s fully charged, then the battery icon will go back to its normal color.

You can also add a shortcut icon for Low Power Mode to the Control Center, if you’re iPhone is running on iOS 11 or later version. Once the shortcut is added, you can just toggle it on or off from the Control Center.

One of the great new features of an iPhone is the Low Power Mode. With this feature enabled, your phone’s battery duration is extended. This then allows you to use your phone a little longer even when its battery is very low. There are is nothing to worry because there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix on your iPhone in this case.

Low Power Mode is also considered as a temporary solution to battery draining issue.

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