5 Best Calorie Counter App in 2024

A calorie counter app can be so useful. Counting calories is such an important part of losing weight, for example. And without a place to write it down, watching and tracking calories can be difficult. An app allows you to quickly log them and monitor them all day on. A calorie counter app can provide you with some awesome details and insights as well — such as into the macros and nutrition that you’re getting from certain foods.

If you’re ready to start tracking this information, most calories counter apps today are completely free to download. Follow along with us below, and we’ll show you five of the best options for the iPhone and iPad. Let’s dive right in.

Best Calorie Counter App

Calorie Counter App

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of our favorite choices, taking your information, and then show you how many calories you need to eat per day to lose weight. It bases its recommendations on the data that you provide it, so you have to be as accurate as possible. MyFitnessPal allows you to easily add breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks — the app actually has a huge database that will let you look up food items and show you how many calories it has. For a more accurate number, you can use the barcode scanner to scan in foods that you’re eating by placing the viewfinder over the UPC on the prduct.

MyFitnessPal has some great features for tracking weight progress as well. They actually use a graph chart to show you your ups and downs over a period of time, and even since you started using the app. There are some premium features with MyFitnessPal, but it can be used completely for free.

Download it now: iTunes

Calorie Counter App

2. CalorieCounter+

NutraCheck’s CalorieCounter+ is up next, and is one of the fastest choices out there. It’s perfect for the people that have busy days and need to track the calories that they’re eating or have already ate in a jiffy. CalorieCounter+ makes it as simple as scanning barcodes for the most accurate measurements, and even allowing you to search through a massive food data base to help you estimate calories on what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for a snack. It’s Dairy feature is built on a similar level to MyFitnessPal. It should only take you a couple of seconds to add in food details.

One of the cool things about Calorie Counter+ is that you can link it with the Fitbit — and other electronic monitors — that allows you to set diet and fitness goals, and comes with an easy to use user interface.

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Calorie Counter App

3. Calorie Counter Pal

Calorie Counter Pal is third up on our countdown, allowing users to not only track calories, but fitness goals, too. It has a similar design to the others, with a food diary where you can track breakfast, lunch, and dinner categories. There’s usually a nice landscape or environment as a background photo.

You can click on the “+” button next to the individual meals, to search through a large database of food options to add to your diary. Or, like the others, use the barcode scanner to scan in products.

In addition to expansive food tracking options, Calorie Counter Pal also helps you monitor things like calories burned, steps taken, and even gives you more detailed information on fitness activities, too. One of the more unique aspects to Calorie Counter Pal is that it comes with a diabetes and glucose tracker as well.

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Calorie Counter App

4. Lose It!

Lose It! is quite similar to MyFitnessPal. In fact, it’s pretty much the same exact thing, but with an altered design. You’ll be able to easily enter in what you’ve had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even for a snack. Once you input your information, like weight and height, Lose It! is able to show you information like the amount of calories you need to eat to lose weight.

Lose It! is free to use just like MyFitnessPal, but they do have a premium subscription available for those that want a handful of extra features and data to view.

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Calorie Counter App

5. FatSecret

And finally, we have something called FatSecret. It has a similar design to MyFitnessPal and Lose It!, but there are some notable differences that have users coming back to this app. As you might expect, you get your food diary where you can input what you ate for the day. However, FatSecret opens up access to a large nutritional database, healthy recipes, and even an exercise log. Based on the exercise you do, FatSecret adds calories to what you need for your daily intake to lose weight healthily.

FatSecret is not only great for nutrition, but helps you monitor fitness goals, macros, and specific aspects of nutrition as well.

Download it now: iTunes

Best Calorie Counter App Verdict

There are tons of calorie counter apps on the market today; however, we’re confident that these five are some of the best that the App Store can provide you with. Most of these will help you accomplish the means that you’re after; however, MyFitnessPal is probably the easiest to use, as far as user interface goes, at least.

Do you have a favorite calorie counter app for the iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comments section below.

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