How to View Hidden Photos on iPhone SE 3 2022

This post will walk you through showing hidden photos on the new 3rg generation special edition iPhone. Here’s a quick guide to view hidden photos on iPhone SE 3 2022.

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Missing some of your captured images and videos on your new iPhone? You might have placed them inside the Hidden album. To confirm, you can access the Hidden album straight from the Utilities section of the iPhone’s Photos app. If the Hidden album isn’t shown under Utilities, then it must be hidden in the system. In this case, unhiding the Hidden album would be necessary. By then you should be all set to view all hidden images and videos inside the album. Just read on for more detailed instructions.

Hidden Photos in iOS 15.5

One way to secure private photos and videos on a smartphone is to move them to a hidden folder. This will prevent any unauthorized users from viewing them when they’re using your device. 

In newer iPhones, you can hide photos and videos without using any third-party application. All you have to do is move the photos to the built-in hidden folder on the phone. Hidden photos will then be removed from the Recent folder and won’t appear even when doing a quick search through the photos app. 

Just be sure to turn off the Hidden Album from the Settings-> Photos menu beforehand. If you don’t turn the toggle off, the Hidden folder/album will still show under the Utilities section of the Photos app. 

Thus, all photos and videos inside the hidden album will still be viewable.

You can always unhide the Hidden album or any hidden photos and videos inside the album at any time, when you’re certain that no other people have access to your device. Doing so will make the Hidden album reappear under Utilities.

If you’re new to the iOS platform and wondering how to get this done on the new 3rd generation iPhone SE device, feel free to refer to a step-by-step walkthrough as follows.

Steps to View Hidden Photos on iPhone SE 3 2022

In our previous post, we’ve tackled the actual process of hiding photos from the camera roll on an iPhone without using any third-party application. 

Here in this post, we will show you how to unhide those hidden photos from the iPhone SE 3 2022 and other iPhone models running on iOS 15 and later versions.

The hidden pictures are stored in a separate iOS directory called Hidden album. To access all your hidden photos inside the hidden albums, just follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin, open the Photos app. Just find and then tap the Photos icon from the Home screen of  your iPhone.
view hidden photos iphone se3 PHOTOS
Step 2: While in the Photos app, scroll down to the bottom and then tap the Albums tab. Doing so opens another screen that contains all available folders. 
view hidden photos iphone se3 ALBUMS
Step 3: From the Albums tab, scroll towards the Utilities section and then tap Hidden. All hidden photos/videos will load up on the succeeding window.
view hidden photos iphone se3 HIDDEN
Step 4: To unhide a photo, simply tap on the desired photo and then tap the Share icon at the bottom-leftmost corner. Another menu will load up, containing all available sharing options.
view hidden photos iphone se3 SHARE
Step 5: find and then tap Unhide. The selected photo will then be removed from the Hidden folder and added back to its original album/directory.
view hidden photos iphone se3 UNHIDE

To unhide other hidden photos or videos, just repeat the same steps to access the hidden album and then select the photos or videos that you’d like to unhide.

Other Ways to Hide/Unhide Photos and Videos on iPhone

Aside from the iOS Photos app, you can also hide and unhide photos using the iOS Notes app on your iPhone.

To do this, simply launch the Photos app then select the photos and videos that you’d like to hide. Tap the Share menu icon and then tap More to view more sharing options including Notes. Tap Notes as the destination folder then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to save the selected photos and videos in the Notes app. Finally, lock the Note with a unique password to prevent any unauthorized people from accessing your Notes including your private photos and videos.

You can use this method to lock multiple videos and photos in the Notes app on your iOS device. Just be sure to take note of your password so you won’t have trouble accessing your hidden files in the future.

And that’s all about unhiding hidden photos and videos on the iPhone SE 3 and other iPhones running on the iOS 15 and later versions.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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