How to View and Manage Cellular Data Options on iPhone SE 3

This post will walk you through manually configuring the iPhone SE 3’s cellular network settings, particularly the default cellular data options. Here’s a quick guide to view and manage cellular data options on the iPhone SE 3 smartphone.

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Time Needed : 5 minutes

Bumping into various types of problems when using cellular data on an iPhone is inevitable. Thankfully, most of the known issues are rectifiable by tweaking relevant features and cellular options. 

If you're new to iOS and wondering how to access and manage the cellular data settings on your recently procured special edition iPhone (3rd generation), feel free to refer to these outlined instructions.

  1. To begin, launch the iOS settings app on your iPhone.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 1

    To do this, simply tap on the Settings icon represented by a gear-shaped figure on the Home screen or Apps library.

  2. While in the main settings menu, tap Cellular.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 2

    In-built features tied to your iPhone’s cellular network system will load up on the next screen.

  3. Find then tap Cellular Data Options to proceed.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 3

    On the following menu, you will see all available cellular data options on your iPhone.

  4. To configure the default settings for calls and internet service, tap Voice & Data.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 4

    Another menu opens with a list of available voice & data options.

  5. Tap to select any from the given options including 5G On, 5G Auto, or LTE.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 5

    Available options may vary between cellular service providers, iPhone models, regions, and the network technology supported by the SIM card in use (when on prepaid).

  6. To change the default data mode selection, tap Data mode.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 6

    Data Mode selections include Allow More Data on 5G, Standard, and Low Data Mode.

  7. To use data roaming, turn on the Data Roaming switch.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 7

    Doing so allows you to use roaming services outside of your carrier's network coverage.

  8. To enable the cellular feature to block IP address tracking, turn on Limit IP address tracking.

    manage cellular data options iphone se3 8

    This is recommended if you don't want any known IP trackers to trace your iPhone's IP address when using the internet over a cellular data network.

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Voice & Data Options

Voice & Data is tagged as an iOS Smart Data feature that’s designed to optimize battery life. It’s available on iPhone 12 and later models with a 5G data plan. 

Selecting 5G connection is recommended for higher-quality video and FaceTime HD experience over 5G networks. 

You may opt to use a 5G Auto for Voice & Data so that all cellular calls and data usage will use 5G only to reduce or lessen battery consumption when using cellular data connection. Please note though that choosing 5G Auto allows your iPhone to automatically switch to LTE when 5G speeds do not provide noticeably better performance.

Setting it to 5G On will prompt the device to use 5G connections even when it reduces battery life.  If a 5G network is still not supported or available in your current location, you can set your device to use LTE instead. 

Cellular Data Mode Options

The default data mode selection is set to Standard. This allows automatic updates and background tasks on cellular but limits video and FaceTime quality.

You can change it to any other available data mode options depending on your needs.

Setting it to Allow More Data on 5g prompts the device to prefer 5G over Wi-Fi and use it for software updates, automatic iCloud backups, and higher-quality media.

Setting it to Low Data Mode prompts the device to reduce cellular data usage by pausing automatic updates and background tasks.

Data Roaming Option

There is also an option to turn Data Roaming on or off while using cellular data on your iPhone.

You can enable this feature whenever you’d like to use your network’s roaming services including internet access over a cellular data network in a region that’s out of your carrier’s network coverage. To avoid incurring roaming charges when traveling, turning off Data Roaming is recommended.

Block IP Trackers

Limit IP address tracking when using the internet over cellular data is also supported. You can enable this cellular data option if you want to limit or block any known IP trackers or relevant services from tracking your IP address when using the iOS Mail and Safari apps.

And that’s it!

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