How to Stop Gmail Notification Previews on iPhone SE 3 2022

This post will walk you through configuring the iOS notification settings to limit notification previews from showing up on the new 3rd generation special edition iPhone lock screen. Here’s a quick guide to stop Gmail notification previews on iPhone SE 3 2022.

Bothered with a bunch of email notification previews appearing on your iPhone screen? You can put a stop on it by configuring your iPhone’s notifications settings. For more detailed instructions on how to access and manage these settings on your iPhone SE 3, just keep scrolling.

iOS Gmail Notification Previews 

The default email processing application in iOS devices is set to Mail. Although the stock Mail app is known for having a good reputation in terms of optimal performance, many iPhone owners would still opt to use Gmail as the primary email application.

The Gmail app allows you to receive alerts when you get new emails depending on your Gmail account settings.

By default, notifications for any email messages in your Primary inbox are turned on. This means that you’ll be receiving alerts for every new email message you receive.

You may opt to keep these alerts on for all types of emails or configure the Gmail app settings to only get alerts for important or high priority emails. Notification sounds can also be adjusted so you can turn it on or off.

Gmail notification previews typically show up on the iPhone’s lock screen, allowing you to take a glimpse of the new email that reaches your inbox.

If you find your iPhone lock screen inundated with numerous email previews, you can adjust the Gmail app’s notification settings to stop showing previews of new mails.

To access and manage these options, you will need to access the Gmail app notification settings on your iOS device.

Depicted below is a step-by-step process of stopping Gmail notification previews on the iPhone SE 3 device. Feel free to refer to this quick walkthrough when needed.

Steps to Stop Gmail Notification Previews on iPhone SE 3 2022

Performing the following steps will prompt the iPhone to stop showing email notification previews for every email sent to your registered Gmail account. These steps are also applicable when adjusting the Gmail app notification settings on other iPhones that are running on the same iOS version with that of the iPhone SE 3. 

To ensure all key features and menu options are present, be sure to keep your Gmail app and iPhone software updated. Also verify and ensure that the correct Gmail account is set up on your device.

Once you’ve got everything ready, you may go ahead and start configuring your iPhone’s notification settings for the Gmail app.

Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen. Doing so opens the iOS settings app.

Step 2: While in the main Settings app menu, find and then tap Notifications. Another menu opens with the inbuilt notification options and relevant features.

Step 3: Navigate to the Notification Style section and then tap Gmail to proceed.

Step 4: On the succeeding window, tap Show Previews under Lock Screen Appearance. Doing so will open a separate menu that contains three main options including Always, When Unlocked (Default) and Never.

Step 5: To stop Gmail notification previews from showing up on your lock screen, tap Never.

Should you wish to completely stop all mail notifications for your Gmail account, just turn off the Allow Notifications switch from the Gmail app’s Notifications menu.

To stop all types of notification previews from showing up, just head back to Settings-> Notifications menu and then tap Show Previews. Finally, on the succeeding menu, select Never.

All types of notification previews will no longer appear on your iPhone’s lock screen or Home screen.

You can always adjust these settings should you wish to receive and view notification previews on the iOS notification center again.

To allow Gmail notifications and previews to reappear on your iPhone’s lock screen, just repeat the same steps to get back to the Gmail notification settings and then switch back the Show Previews option to Always or When Unlocked.

And that’s all about halting Gmail notification previews from showing up on the iPhone SE 3 2022 lock screen.

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