How to Add/Send Attachment to Text Message on iPhone SE 3

Wondering how to embed an image, document or any file into a text message on your new iPhone? This post highlights a quick guide for your reference. Read on to learn how to add or send attachment to a text message on the Apple iPhone SE 3.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Messages that are sent through the stock iOS messaging application are usually composed of pure texts (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) with iMessage.With the constant updates made to iOS, the stock iPhone Messages app can now work with other iOS applications like the inbuilt Files app to be able to carry out more advanced tasks like sending text messages with a file attachment like including images, pictures and audio files and more.Depicted below is the actual process of sending a text message with an image file attachment with the iPhone SE 3 Messages application. Feel free to refer to these outlined instructions, when needed.

  1. Open the Files app on your iPhone to begin.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 1To do this, just locate the Files icon from the Home screen or Apps library and then tap on it to launch the app.

  2. While in the Files app main screen, find then select the file that you’d like to send in Messages as an attachment.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 2If necessary, browse through available folders then tap to mark the desired file to activate relevant controls including the iOS file sharing function.

  3. On the succeeding window, you will see the main file to be attached. Just tap the Share icon at the bottom left corner.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 3Doing so opens a menu that contains different options and controls.

  4. Locate then select Messages from the given items. Doing so will take you straight to the iOS Messages app’s sending screen.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 4Here, you will see the selected file about to be sent.

  5. Enter the desired recipient by typing the phone number in the To section.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 5If the recipient is stored in your contacts, tap the Plus (+) icon then select the recipient contact from the list.

  6. After specifying the recipient, tap the Right Arrow icon in the center-left corner of the message body.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 6Doing so converts the selected file into an attachment image.

  7. If everything is set, tap the Send icon to send the text message with your file attachment to the specified recipient.

    send attachment to text message iphone se3 7Wait for a few moments for your message to be delivered successfully.

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Message Attachment Not Delivered?

Make sure that your phone has a stable cellular signal and has sufficient data credits. Text messages with file attachments are already tagged as multimedia messages and therefore require data in order to be sent.  That said, verify and ensure that cellular/data is enabled on your iPhone.

Another possibility is that the file that you’re trying to send is too large. Should this be the case, shrinking the file before sharing to Messages is necessary.

  • To do this, open then select the desired file in the iOS Files app then tap Compress before you tap Share. 

Doing so creates a smaller version of the file that’s shareable in Messages. After compressing the file, touch and hold the compressed version, typically saved as a zip file, and then tap Share. Select Messages from the sharing options then follow the above steps to send the compressed file as attachment.

And that’s it!

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