How to Remove Hacker from Apple iPhone 13

This post highlights helpful suggestions to block or delete a hacker from an iPhone. Here’s a quick guide to remove hacker from Apple iPhone 13.

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iPhone Hacking

One of the main purposes of the constant update rollout from smartphone manufacturers is to keep the system secure from any potential breaches from online hackers and malicious software.

This is why keeping your device software up-to-date is highly recommended. But despite all these measures, some hackers and scammers still managed to infiltrate the device and eventually succeeded in stealing important information or ruining the system.

As a matter of fact, iPhone hacking is now on the rise. Apparently, hackers are becoming more keen in looking for flaws in popular smartphones mainly due to their vast user base globally. To these people, iPhones are worth hacking into.

Common Signs that your iPhone is hacked

The presence of unknown apps or strange files is one of the indications that your iPhone is hacked. This usually happens when you downloaded files from any unknown and untrusted sources. The same thing when you download apps from other platforms than the App Store. A jailbroken iPhone is also prone to being hacked.

Sharing your iPhone with someone else also increases the chance of your phone being hacked, for these people might have carelessly downloaded any files or install apps from unsecure platforms.

Different Ways to Remove Hacker from Apple iPhone 13

Despite imposing all possible preventive measures, some hackers may still be able to access your device. Should this be the case, a radical retort is to remove them.

Outlined below are a few helpful ways to eliminate any found hacker from the iPhone system.

1. Remove unfamiliar apps and files, suspicious links.

If you see any suspicious apps or unknown files that you haven’t downloaded from the Apple App Store and installed on your iPhone and yet it exists, chances are that those files or apps are malevolent.

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Deleting shady apps and files permanently is therefore a sensible action to prevent any potential unauthorized system breaches.

2. Change or update passwords for your online accounts.

Changing passwords for an online account or device from time to time  is highly recommended. Doing so prevents hackers from easily infiltrating the account or device as the password keeps changing. 

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When creating a password, make sure that it’s unique and rated as strong. Re-using the same password for multiple accounts or devices is highly discouraged as it poses higher risks of your accounts or devices being hacked simultaneously.

This applies to your email account password, Apple ID password, iPhone passcode and app passwords.

Enabling two-factor authentication for your accounts with the same security feature is also recommended.

3. Go offline.

Most of the hacking incidents are carried out through an online network. This is when your iPhone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

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In some cases, you’ll see a warning prompt saying that someone is trying to access your account or device from a specific location.

If the recent notification looks suspicious to you, then it’s possible that some hackers managed to gain access to your device. Thus, going offline would be a quick solution. This will result in an instant stop to any unauthorized online access or breaches to your account or device’s operating system.

Just disconnect your iPhone from the internet by disabling Wi-Fi or cellular data connections. Once your iPhone is offline, change or update your account and/or device passcode and other security information.

4. Clear your browsing history and internet data.

Internet cookies and browsing data that are kept in your browser app’s cache may likewise contain malicious files that are purposely created to ruin your iPhone system or gather important information from the device.

remove a hacker from iphone CBH

To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to clear your browsing history and internet data once or twice a week. 

Not only that it helps prevent any potential hacking incidents, it also optimizes your browser’s overall performance as it clears out residual internet data from the browser’s cache.

5. Delete any suspicious or unfamiliar configuration files from your iPhone.

Configuration profiles on iPhone work by defining settings for using the device with corporate, accounts or school networks.

remove a hacker from iphone SP

Typically, you will be prompted to install a configuration profile sent to you through email or downloaded from a certain website.

When you install the configuration profile and open the file, all its content will be displayed.

  • To access all installed configuration profiles on an iPhone, just head over to Settings-> General-> Profiles & Device Management menu.

If you see any suspicious profile in the list, delete it immediately. Doing so will also remove all malicious data, apps and settings that are associated with the profile.

6. Update your Apps and iPhone to the latest iOS version available.

One of the main reasons as to why software updates are pushed is to augment the device’s security. 

Aside from bringing in new features, software updates also embed essential patch codes that will get rid of any malicious files and apps that infiltrated the system and prevent those that are attempting to creep into.

To ensure you don’t miss installing any important software updates, turning on automatic updates on your iPhone settings is recommended.

Just make sure that your phone has sufficient free storage for new updates to seamlessly install.

  • You can turn on automatic updates for iOS through Settings-> General-> Software Update menu then turn on the Automatic Updates switches.
  • Do the same to your iPhone apps by heading over to Settings-> App Store menu then toggle to turn the App Updates switch ON.

Keeping these settings will prompt the device to automatically install and implement new system updates and app updates available.

7. Wipe and reset your iPhone to factory settings. 

A drastic solution to eliminate hackers from the iPhone is to wipe and reset the device. This is often needed when the hacker seems to be tough enough to withstand any implemented fixes.

It’s worth noting though that resetting deletes everything from the iPhone system as it will be returned to its factory state.

That said, back up all your important files if possible.

You can back up files to your iCloud account or to a secured drive on your computer using iTunes.

Once your backups are secured, you should be all set to reset your iPhone through settings or restore iOS with iTunes or Finder on a Windows or Mac computer.

If the hacking incident resulted in fatal system errors or total system malfunction, restoring the iPhone in recovery or DFU mode is usually needed. To carry out these iOS restore methods, you will need to use iTunes or Finder.

Just like the standard factory reset, restoring an iPhone in recovery or DFU mode also deletes all your personal information from the iPhone system. That said, this should only be deemed as the last resort, when the problem continues and nothing else works.

And that’s all about removing hackers and prevent other unauthorized users from gaining access to your iPhone 13 or any other iPhones.

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