How to Recover Deleted Emails in iPhone 13 Mail App

Unless you’ve set up some really good filters, your mailbox typically receives more than a hundred emails from people or companies you don’t know.

Most of us actually spend a little time every day to delete emails that aren’t that useful while leaving all the others unread.

However, there are times when you delete some emails that should be left in your inbox, and that’s what we’re going to show you in this post.

We will guide you how to easily restore emails back to your inbox if you deleted them by mistake.

Easy Way To Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone 13

At this point, we assume that you’ve already set up an email account on your iPhone’s default email client as we will be using that for this tutorial.

Step 1: To begin, find the Mail app and tap on it. This will open the app and bring you to your mailboxes.

recover deleted emails on iphone 13 1

By default, the Mail app is located in the Home screen, unless you moved its icon to other screens.

Step 2: Find the Trash bin among the other options and then tap on it.

recover deleted emails on iphone 13 2

This will open the Trash folder which contains the deleted emails. This includes emails you intentionally and accidentally deleted.

Step 3: Now find the deleted email you want to restore and tap on it.

recover deleted emails on iphone 13 3

Doing this will open the message and gives you options on what to do with it.

Step 4: Tap the Folder icon at the bottom of the screen.

recover deleted emails on iphone 13 4

A new screen will pop up which allows you to choose the location you want the deleted messages to be relocated. In this tutorial, let’s try to restore the message back to the Inbox.

Step 5: Tap Inbox to restore the deleted mail back to your inbox.

recover deleted emails on iphone 13 5

Doing so will immediately move the message to the folder you specified.

But what if you’ve accidentally deleted a bunch of emails and you want to retrieve them all at once?

Retrieve Deleted Emails In Bulk

You can actually recover a bunch of emails at once, although you might still have to spend a little time scouring through the trash to find the emails you want recovered.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go back to the Home screen and tap the Mail app icon.

Step 2: Tap Trash if you think that’s where the deleted emails are.

Step 3: Tap Edit at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Now select the emails you want to retrieve.

Step 5: Once you’re done selecting the messages, tap Move at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Now tap the folder you want to move the messages in. In this tutorial, we’ll use Inbox, so tap on it.

The messages will immediately be relocated in your inbox.

If the deleted messages cannot be found in the trash, try looking into other folders like Junk, Important or Starred.

It is also possible you’ve already archived those messages, so tap All Mail to view all the messages in your mail account regardless of the folder they’re located.

The iPhone mail app is a pretty good email client and offers you a lot of options and features. However, the hardest part in retrieving deleted messages is finding them.

It is always possible that they’ve already been deleted for good, especially if it’s already been a few months since you placed them in the trash.

If you badly need to recover deleted data, then you might want to check out some data recovery software offered online.

You may also want to check your iCloud backup as they might have been backed up once before.

We hope that this simple tutorial can help you one way or the other.

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