How to Recover Deleted Emails in iPhone 12 Mail App

This post will help you retrieve or recover deleted emails on the iPhone 12 built-in Mail app.

Read on if you need help restoring some important emails that you have deleted from your iPhone’s mailbox unintentionally.

iOS Mail

iOS devices are preloaded with an email application that’s schemed with a very user-friendly interface and commands. 

Easy in this since that flagging, archiving and deleting emails are just done with a swipe or tap on an icon. However, there’s always an inevitable instance when you accidentally swipe or tap the wrong icon, resulting in some important emails being deleted or archived.

Thankfully, Apple has made sure that things like this shouldn’t anymore be a problem to any iOS users. 

That said, the Mail app offers a built-in command that’s primarily designed to restore or retrieve deleted emails from the trash folder. 

If  you’re wondering how to use this command on your new iPhone 12 handset, I’ve laid out a simple guide for your reference.

Here’s how to retrieve or recover deleted emails on the iPhone 12 Mail app.

Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Emails in iPhone 12 Mail

Be sure to keep your phone software up to date to ensure that all system apps and services are working stable with all the latest features. The following procedure is usually applicable when you deleted the email and then did something like opening a new email afterwards.

1. To get started, go to your Home screen and then tap the Mail icon to launch the app.

recover deleted emails iphone12mail appicon

The next screen opens with the app’s Mailboxes.

2. Tap Trash to proceed.

recover deleted emails iphone12mail trash

The Trash folder opens with all the emails you’ve recently deleted.

3. Find the email that you’d like to retrieve and then tap on its preview.

recover deleted emails iphone12mail selectmail

Doing so will open the email message on the next screen.

Beneath the screen are four different icons or controls including a trash bin, folder, arrow back, and new icon.

4. Tap the Arrow back or Arrow left icon.

recover deleted emails iphone12mail arrowleft

A pop-up menu will launch. 

5. Swipe the horizontal bar up to view more items. Then, tap Move Message.

recover deleted emails iphone12mail move

Another screen will launch, highlighting different directories or folders you can move the selected email to.

6. Tap Inbox if you want to retrieve the deleted email from the Inbox folder. 

recover deleted emails iphone12mail inbox

Otherwise, select your preferred folder.

If you chose Inbox, the selected email will then be moved back to the Inbox.

7. To check and see if it really works, go to your Inbox. The retrieved email should already be in there.

recover deleted emails iphone12mail retrievedmail

To retrieve another email from trash, just follow the same steps.

Retrieve Email by Shaking the Phone

To retrieve deleted emails that you just deleted by accident, you can retrieve it by shaking your iPhone back and forth. Doing so will pop-up the Undo Trash window where you can select the command to Undo previous action.

Simply tap Undo to retrieve the email that you’ve just deleted. It should then be restored in your inbox right away.

If email retrieval doesn’t work as intended on your end, quit then restart the Mail app. If that doesn’t help either, perform a soft reset to clear out any random software errors that might have caused the Mail app to suddenly glitch and fail to work as intended.

Also ensure that your iPhone is connected to the Internet and is not having any connectivity issues. To rule out network-related factors from the underlying cause, refreshing the internet connection by turning Wi-Fi off and on is recommended.

Hope this helps!

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