How To Fix One AirPod Not Charging

At present, Apple airpod is considered to be one of the leading wireless earbuds in the market. But like any other wireless earbuds or gadget, it also needs to be charged. There are certain instances when many airpod users started to experience issue such as one airpod not charging, whether you are using different models such as Airpods, Airpods 2, Airpods 3, Airpods Pro and Airpods Pro 2. This is a common issue that usually occurs at some point when using airpods. In today’s guide, we will be discussing about how to fix one airpod not charging issue.

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One AirPod Not Charging

It can be a frustrating experience if either one airpod, either the left or right airpod has suddenly stopped working and is not charging. Fortunately, there are simple troubleshooting methods that you can try first to fix the problem without the need to contact apple support.

Airpods are designed to give users at least 3 hours of listening time and at least 2 hours of talk time with just 15 minutes of charging. Also, when used in a charging case airpods have 24 hours battery life since it uses a 93 milliwatt battery.

Why is One airpod not charging?

The only way to charge the Apple airpods is through its charging case. Therefore if one or two airpod is not charging, it is highly possible that the charging case is the cause.

If you take a look inside the charging case of the Airpod, you will notice contact points. The contact points links the chrome tips on your airpods to its charging plate. It will then transmits energy and will charge the airpods.

Dust in the case, dirty airpods or charging case is not functioning is one of the possible cause why one or both airpod is not charging.

Listed below are simple solutions that you can try to fix the issue with one airpod not charging.

Fix One AirPod Not Charging

The methods below is applicable to all Apple airpods models.

Solution 1: Check Battery Level of Charging Case

As previously mentioned, the common cause for an airpod to not charge is because of the charging case. Possible reason is that the battery level of the charging case is low. Most of the time, we tend to forget to charge the charging case of the airpod especially when we used it more frequently.

Therefore, the very first thing that you need to do to fix this problem is to check the battery level of your charging case. Maybe airpod is not charging because the charging case needs a recharge. If the charging case is below 10%, it can definitely affect that charing process since with that battery level it cannot charge both of your airpods at one time.

To check battery level of charging case:

  1. Place both airpods back to its charging case and cover the case.
  2. Hold your iPhone and then open the charging case. This will connect iPhone to Airpod.
  3. Look at your iPhone Screen and you will see a pop up window of Airpods. Battery level of the charging case and the battery levels of both the airpods is also shown on the screen.

If the battery level of charging case is low, it is likely the cause of the issue. Therefore, charge the charging case and then check if the airpod will charge. However, if after charging the case and airpod is still not charging then move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Reinsert Airpods to its charging case

There are times when one airpod or both airpods will not charge because it was not properly connected to its charging plate located at the base of the charging case. It can either be the airpod was not fully inserted or positioned properly. Also, maybe a foreign object is inside the case blocking the contact points between the airpods and the charging case.

This solution is basically turning turning the airpods off, and then turning it on again. You can do this by removing the airpods from its charging case, and place it back again. This will allow its contact points to connect to the airpods. After reinserting, check if one airpod or both airpods are already charging. If not, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Clean Airpods and Charging case

If you do not clean airpods and charging case on a regular basis, dirt and dust can accumulate and can cause issues on your airpods. It is recommended to clean both your airpods and charging case to prevent issues to occur on the device and also to prevent health related issues such as getting an ear infection because of a dirty airpods.

Clean the stem and the tail of te airpods and the bottom portion of the charging case ensures that both the airpods and charging case are clean and will not cause issues such as charging issues.

The recommended cleaning materials to clean airpods and charging case are as follows: Microfiber cloth (lint-free), Qtip or a peridontal brush and 70% isopropyl alcohol.

To clean airpods, simply clean the steam using a dry microfiber cloth. Make sure you focus on the silver contacts located at the tip of the airpods.

To clean charging case, use the peridontal brush or the Qtip to clean the internal contact points. Make sure not to spray alcohol and water directly to the airpods case. Make sure also to clean the charging port of the airpods case.

Here’s how to do external cleaning of airpod case:

  1. Using a cotton swab or a Qtip, dip it in 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Gently rub the dirty areas of the case using the swab. You can use a clean toothpick to remove remaining dirt on the lines of the case.
  3. Using a clean tissue paper or a paper towl, wipe the case to dry.

Here’s how to do internal cleaning of airpod case:

  1. Using a soft bristled toothbrush, gently clean the charging port.
  2. Use a periodontal brush to clean internal contact points of the airpods case. Regular straw cleaner will do if no periodontal brush is at hand.

Cleaning charging case and airpods at least once a week if you frequently use your airpods on a daily basis.

Solution 4: Make sure to use Official Apple Charging cable

There are numerous charging cables that many are tempted to purchase and use since it is cheaper than the original, however though it is recommended to always use the original chargine cable that comes with the device or if you plan to purchase a new one make sure its original from Authorized Apple store.

There are instances when a faulty charging cable is what’s causing the charging to not charge and will therefore not charge the airpod.

Solution 5: Update Airpod to the latest version

An outdated version can cause issues with your Airpod, in this case, one airpod is not charging. That is why it is recommended to always update your Airpod to the latest version. Update fixes bugs that may have caused issues.

To do this:

  1. Open Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Tap on the infor icon next to Airpods
  4. Scroll down and click Version under About section
  5. Check if Airpods needs an update.

Solution 6: Fully Charge Airpods

If Airpods completely run out of juice, it might actually help to charge airpod to its charging case overnight. This means, allow airpods to charge fully by not using it for a few hours. Although this solution is not really necessary, you may want to try this one to see if it helps.

Solution 7: Reset Airpods

If none of the solutions mentioned fix one airpod is still not charging, we would suspect it to be caused by a firmware issue. Possibly with either its battery or airpods case.

The last resort that you can try to fix this issue it so reset airpods. This action will reset your Airpods back to its factory settings. Most of the time, ressetting helps and fixes problems your airpods.

To reset airpods, follow these steps:

  1. Place Airpods back to airpod charging case
  2. After 30 seconds, open the lid of airpods case
  3. On your iPhone, tap on Settings. Tap on the name of your Airpod. Another way to access this is to tap on Settings then tap Bluetooth and then tap on the info icon next to Airpods.
  4. Scroll down and tap Forget this device option.
  5. Tap again to confirm action
  6. While the airpod case is still open, press and hold the button for 15 seconds located at the back of the airpod charging case. Wait until amber status light flashing is seen. Ths location of the status light varies: for airpods case charges using wired connection, status light is usually located inside the case, while for wireless charging case, status light is located on the front portion of the case.
  7. Place Airpods closer to your iOS device and reconnect the Airpods again to your device by following the same procedure as you would connect a Bluetooth device.

Check if one airpod not charging issue still occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it usually take to charge Airpod case?

Ideally, charging an airpod case will not take too long. It is also not recommended to overcharge the case. According to Apple, the maximum charging time is usually an hour and 10 mins for it to be fully charged. After that, you can now disconnect the charger so as not to overcharge the case.

Why is Apple Airpods not charging?

There are several possible reasons why an airpod will not charge. The most comon cause is the charging case. Whatever the cause may be, there are solutions that you can to fix it.

Wrap it up

Since all Apple Airpods does not come cheap, it would be best if users can also get the chance to experience an enjoyable and peaceful listening experience. However, when one airpod or both airpods are causing issue, it can be frustrating.

We hope that this simple troubleshooting guide has helped you fix Airpods issues such as one airpod not charging without the need to visit an Apple technician.

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