How to Access and Manage Viewing Options on iPhone 13 Notes App

This post will walk you through altering the default viewing options to make the Notes app interface look the way you wanted. Here’s how to access and manage viewing options on iPhone 13 Notes app.

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Viewing Notes in iOS 15

The Notes app is a built-in application in Apple devices that’s mainly designed for taking notes. Through this app, you can quickly save thoughts, lists and other random items on your iPhone more conveniently. 

With the contacts updates Apple rolled out for the iPhones and iPads, the Notes app features and functions have likewise improved.

With this year’s upgrade to iOS 15, the preloaded Notes application and received new add-on features, particularly smart folders and tabs. More viewing options are also integrated into the application.

Among the latest improvements made to the iOS 15 Notes app include gallery/list view, attachment previews, folder and note commands, folder and notes organizing options, notes sorting, sharing, tagging and more.

You can also change the style and formatting of text quickly with the Notes built-in formatting options and controls. Document or photo scanning is also supported.

The outlined steps below depict the process of altering the iOS 15 Notes app settings that allows you to view your notes accordingly to your needs and preferences.

If you’re new to the iOS platform and need some input on how to access and manage this feature on  your new iPhone 13, then this quick guide can help you out.

Steps to Access and Manage Viewing Options on iPhone 13 Notes app

The iOS Notes app interface can be viewed in different manners based on individual user’s proclivity and reading needs. In iOS 15, there are four main attributes that can be configured to make the Notes app appear the way you wanted.

The following steps will help you configure each of these elements so you can create and read notes on your iPhone comfortably.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to alter the default viewing options on your iPhone Notes.
Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen to launch the main iOS settings.
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Step 2: While in the Settings app menu, find and then tap Notes.
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Step 3: On the succeeding menu, navigate to the Viewing section to see all available types of views you can use for notes.
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Among the viewing options for Notes in iOS 15.4.1 include Sort Notes By, New Notes Start With, Sort Checked Items and Lines & Grids.

3.1 To alter the default settings for notes sorting, tap Sort Notes By and then select your preferred Sorting options. Among the given options include Date Edited (default), Date Created and Title. Just tap to mark  your preferred option for sorting notes.

changes iphone 13 notes viewing options sortby

3.2 To configure the new notes format or how new notes you create look, tap New Notes Start With and then choose your preferred option.

Among the available choices are Title (default), Heading, Subheading and Body.

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3.3. To configure how you’d like Checked Items to be sorted, tap Sort Checked Items then choose between manually and automatically. 

The default is set to manually. Choosing Automatically will prompt the app to move checklist items to the bottom of the list as they are checked.

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3.4 To configure the Notes lines and grids, tap Lines & Grids then choose your preferred line or grid style for handwriting in new notes.

The default selection is set to blank or no lines and grids.

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The recent changes you’ve made to the Notes settings will then be implemented on all existing notes on your iPhone. The same thing on every new note you scribble on your device.
To check and see the result, try to access Notes and open any of the existing notes.

Make sure that your iPhone Notes is set up with iCloud to use the new features of the app. Some features of the Notes app aren’t supported by certain email service providers so some functionalities may not work.

Just keep your device software updated to ensure that all the latest features for the iOS Notes app and other built-in services are available.

And that’s how  you customize your viewing preferences for the Notes app in iOS 15, particularly on the iPhone 13 settings.

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