Apple iPhone 6s Plus Call Failed Error: Why am I getting “Call Failed” error, cannot make outgoing calls on my iPhone? [Troubleshooting Guide]

One of the prevalent complaints raised by iPhone users is on call failed error while attempting to make outgoing calls. Users who have encountered such error won’t be able to make outgoing calls with their device but may be able to get incoming calls. If you too are troubled with the same issue and need further assistance on how to fix the problem, then this content might be able to help you out. Read on to learn the possible causes of the problem and what options you may have or potential solutions you can try on to resolve the underlying cause.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus call failed

Aside from entertainment, you get yourself a phone to get in touch with anyone, including business partners, officemates, relatives and families, at any time possible. But for some reasons, you suddenly could not be able to make outgoing calls. Indeed it’s a bummer especially if that call you are about make is so important. While it’s normal for anyone to overreact in this situation, there’s no need to despair yet as this problem can still be remedied with some workarounds. For as long as you’re certain that your iPhone is not damaged or you haven’t got it dropped or exposed to any sort of liquid, then you should be alright.

But before anything else, if you have a different issue with your device, visit the troubleshooting page we’ve setup for the iPhone 6s Plus. We list down every problem we address each week in that page so try to see if we’ve already addressed your concern before. If we did, try to use the solutions we suggested and if they won’t work, then you may contact us by filling up this form.

Why are you not able to make outgoing calls and get a call failed error on your iPhone 6s Plus?

The Call Failed error is seen not only in one but in many other iPhone models since the iPhone 5 and even manifested in some variants of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The error usually occurs during phone call conversations but in other cases, the user is not just able to make the call.

One of the most common culprits is a problem on the network including network outages or unexpected technical issues with the network provider. Another possible trigger is an application that misbehaves or some software bugs causing trouble with the Phone app on your device. There are also other cases where an iPhone user is unable to make outgoing calls due to incorrect settings configurations.

You won’t also be able to make phone calls if roaming has been blocked in your plan and that you are out of your network provider’s range. The same thing happens if the number you are attempting to call is block listed or your number is suspended.

The best way to determine which of these factors is inflicting the call failed error on your iPhone 6s Plus is to determine what has happened prior to the very first onset of the problem. For example, did the call failed error started after downloading some apps or contents, configuring iPhone settings, or did it occur after your iPhone got wet or dropped. With this approach, it will be easier for you to get started in performing the most applicable workarounds to resolve the underlying cause.

But then again, if the problem occurs after your iPhone was dropped or got wet, then that already requires a more advanced resolution given that your iPhone might have been incurred some damage which can only be fixed by an iPhone technician.

Other than hardware damage, you can try to fix the problem by yourself by trying any of the subsequent workarounds indicated by the methods below.

Potential Solutions and Recommended Workarounds

If you cannot make outgoing calls but can receive calls on your iPhone 6s Plus, or prompted with the call failed error, then here are the options you can try on. Be sure to test your iPhone or perform a test call after completing each method to see if the problem has already been fixed. Otherwise, try other applicable methods.

Step 1. Verify your account status.

You can’t make voice or data calls if you have no credits or your account has been temporarily disabled by your service provider due to unpaid balances. Some carriers would impose a temporary disconnection to accounts that are tagged as delinquent. Contact your carrier or service provider to verify and check your account status if you suspect that this problem has something to do with it.

Also check with your carrier for outages and network problems that may have affected calling services in your location.

Step 2. Check your iPhone settings.

Among the settings or features that may affect your iPhone’s calling function when enabled would include Airplane mode, Cellular Data Options, Do Not Disturb, Call Blocking & Identification, and Call Forwarding. Consider checking on these options and try to see if changing them from on to work and vice versa will work.

  • Turn Airplane mode on or off. With Airplane mode enabled or turned on, you won’t be able to make or receive calls on your iPhone. To rule out the possibility that this is what’s preventing you from making outgoing calls, verify your iPhone settings and make sure this feature is disabled or turned off. To do so, head over to Settings-> Airplane Mode, then toggle the switch to turn it off, if necessary. Alternatively, you can access this setting by sliding your finger upwards starting from the bottom edge of the display. Doing so will display the Control Center where you can toggle the Airplane mode icon on or off quickly. Once you’re done, press the Home key to exit Control Center and go back to the Home screen.
  • Toggle Caller ID function on or off. Try to turn your caller identification on or off. If the Caller Line Identity has not been turned on in your plan or account and you’re trying to make a call with your caller identification shown, then most likely your call won’t go through when roaming.  To fix this, go to Settings-> Phone-> Show My Caller ID-> and then turn your own caller identification on or off by tapping the switch next to the function.
  • Disable Call Blocking. To ensure that the number you are trying to contact is not block listed, go to Settings-> Phone-> Call Blocking & Identification and then look for the phone number in the list. If it’s not there, then it should be okay. Otherwise, unblock it to remove that number from the blocked list.

Do the same for other options including Cellular Data, Do Not Disturb, as well as with Call Forwarding on your iPhone 6s Plus.

Step 3. Reinstall SIM card.

Removing and re-inserting the SIM card can also be a possible solution especially if you’re unable to make a call due to SIM-related errors. Be sure to power off your iPhone completely before you do so. You can use the tray eject tool or a small paper clip to pop the SIM card tray out. Gently remove and then re-insert the SIM card.

Step 4. Check your network settings.

First of all, make sure that you are making the call within an area with cellular network coverage. If you are but still unable to make any outgoing call, then go to your iPhone Settings -> Cellular and see if it’s turned on or enabled. If you make any changes to the settings, restart your iPhone afterwards.

Also try to check and install carrier settings update for your device.

  • To do so, be sure to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi or cellular network and then tap Settings-> General-> About.

If you see any update available for your iPhone with an option to update, then tap to proceed updating your carrier settings. This might be necessary especially if you insert a new SIM card into your iPhone. If that won’t work either, then you may consider performing a network reset.

  • To reset your network settings, go to Settings-> General-> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

Please note though that this process will also reset your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, VPN and APN settings and cellular settings you’ve set up on your device. Thus, be sure to take note of this information before you begin.

Step 5. Update iOS.

Software updates also contain bug fixes. So if the issue on making outgoing calls you have is triggered by a software bug affecting the Phone app, then updating the iOS can potentially fix it.

  • To check for an available update for your iPhone 6s Plus, go to Settings-> General -> About -> Software Update.

You can update wirelessly or manually through iTunes.

Step 6. Restore your iPhone.

If you still cannot make outgoing calls and have confirmed with your carrier that there is no issue with your account or network, then try to restore your device. Be sure to note though that a factory restore erases the information and settings on your iPhone and installs the latest iOS software. Therefore, this should only be considered a last resort. If you opt to go for a restore or factory reset, then make sure you back up your device before you start. You will need to use a Mac or Windows computer with the latest version of iTunes installed to proceed with iOS restore on your iPhone 6s Plus.

Once you get everything ready, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the system restore with iTunes.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • If you are having problems making a call to a specific number, the error might be at the receiving end. In that case, you can try to make another call to a different recipient or contact and see if it goes through. Another possibility is that the contact number you are trying to call might be blocked or included in your blocked lists. To verify and ensure it isn’t blocked, head over to your iPhone settings.
  • Also make sure the date and time settings and your iPhone are configured correctly. There were also other cases where users were unable to make phone calls on their iPhone due to incorrect date or time settings. You can try turning off the option to set the date and time automatically and use manual configuration instead.
  • You may also want to try to old trick that has helped several iPhone users who have had issues with making phone calls. The trick is to dial *#31# on your keypad. This code is listed among the hidden codes for iPhones that is primarily used as alternative method for Show My Caller ID. While there is no definite explanation as to why and how this code really works, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and see what happens.
  • Try switching network bands. Others users were able to resolve the same call failed issue by switching network bands from LTE to 3G or 4G. If you want to try it, go to Settings-> Cellular-> Cellular Data Options-> and then try enabling 3G or 4G network band. After switching network bands, try to make a call and see how it works.

Contact Apple Support for More Help

If none of the above-indicated steps is able to fix the problem and that you still end up being unable to make outgoing calls on your iPhone 6s plus, then you should contact Apple Support at this point to request further assistance and other options. Otherwise, take your device to a service center instead especially if you suspect that hardware damage on your iPhone is causing this problem.

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