How To Fix iPhone 11 Pro Freezes When Using An App

There are some instances wherein an application on your iPhone 11 Pro suddenly freezes causing your iPhone device to be unresponsive. When that happens, making or taking a call, sending messages and other phone related tasks can be difficult and frustrating as well.

Perhaps an obvious reason why iPhone 11 Pro Freezes when using an app is probably because of problems with software or from its hardware. Although you might be wondering why these problems can occur with a newly bought phone since iPhone 11 Pro was just recently released. It cannot be prevented that there are times when an iPhone 11 Pro being released, 1 out the many has this problem. Also, maybe one of the application is not properly installed on your iPhone that might be causing the freezing problem. There are several potential solutions that you can try to resolve iphone 11 Pro Freezing issues.

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Doing a force restart your iPhone 11 Pro has been reported to be helping in fixing the freezing problem when using an app. Since at times, any problems on your iPhone device are caused by a glitch that can be resolved simply by refreshing your iPhone. 

To do  a force restart on your iPhone 11 Pro, simply follow these steps:

Step 1:  First, on the left side of your iPhone 11 Pro device, you will see the Volume Up Button. Press and quickly release the Volume Up Button.

Step 2: Then, still located on the left side just below the volume up button is the Volume Down Button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down Button.

Step 3: Then, go to the right side of your iPhone where you will see the Sleep/Wake Button, Press and hold Sleep/Wake Button.

Step 4: Continue holding Sleep/Wake button until ‘Slide to Power Off” appears. When that happens, you can release pressing on the Sleep/Wake Button 

Step 5: To turn off your iPone device, slide from left to right the ‘Slide to Power Off”

Step 6: Wait for iPhone to normally start.


If you’ve noticed that a particular app is causing your iPhone to freeze while you are using it, then perhaps that app is likely causing the freezing problem on your iPhone 11 Pro.  The simplest thing to do is to quit that app. But if you are noticing that your iPhon 11 Pro freezes when you are running on multiple applications, you can probably quit apps that your are no longer using or have been running for quite some time. 

To Force close or quit background apps, do the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the App Switcher by swiping from the bottom of your home screen on your iPhone 11 Pro. 

Step 2: Stop in the middle of the screen, pause when the app cards shows up which means you’ve successfully entered the App Switcher.

  Note* if you don’t pause, it will take you back to the home screen. 

Step 3: To find a particular app to quit, swipe sideways on the app cards. 

Step 4: Swipe up to force close and quit app.

Step 5: To quit all background apps, you can repeat step 4 to all remaining apps on the app switcher.


If you are experiencing a freezing iPhone 11 Pro on a black screen but it can still receive calls, it is likely that the cause is your iPhone is on low battery mode. When the battery level of an iPhone tends to be low, it can affect the overall function and could lead to freezing and at the same time screen stays blank. Make sure to check the battery level, and when necessary recharge it. It is however recommended not to totally drain your iPhone before charging it as it can degrade or shorten battery life span. 


When an app is causing your iPhone 11 Pro to freeze when using it, you can check is there is an available update for a particular app. Updating apps can help fix bugs and glitch that may have caused apps to freeze your iPhone 11 Pro. 

To update an app:

Step 1: Tap on the App Store icon from the Home Screen of your iPhone 11 Pro.

Step 2: Then, tap on your Account Name icon located at the upper right portion.

Step 3: A list of apps will be found at the bottom, you can either tap on Update All to automatically update all apps with available updates or you can choose to select a particular app to update first.


If after quitting apps and restarting iPhone but the freezing issues have not been resolved, it is then recommended to reset all settings on your iPhone. This step does not erase contents and personal data on your iPhone. It only deletes and restores settings preferences to default. Thereby it is highly important to save passwords esp WiFI passwords to prevent logging in problems with WiFI later on.

To Reset iPhone 11 Pro:

Step 1: Tap on Settings from the Home Screen

Step 2: Tap on General

Step 3: Scroll down from the list of option, then tap on Reset

Step 4: Next tap on Reset All Settings

Step 5: To confirm action, enter Passcode or Touch ID 



There are app designed to run for a particular iOS version therefore updating to the latest iOS version on your iPhone 11 Pro can sometimes fix freezing problem


Two ways to update to the latest iOS Version:

Via iTunes: 

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer
  2. Connect iPhone 11 Pro using a correct USB cord
  3. Click on App located in the library section on your iTunes sidebar
  4. Click on Update Available tab in the summary menu, if there is an available update for download.

Via your iPhone 11 Pro:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen of your iPhone 11 Pro
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then tap on Software Update
  4. If there is an available update to download, tap on Install Now to start the update process.


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