How To Fix iPad Mini 5 Can’t Install Apps: The Easy Way

Whenever there’s a new and improved app available for download or an available update of an app you’ve already downloaded, we tend to install and download it immediately as we are so eager and excited to try the amazing new features the app has to offer. Ideally, installing an app to your iPad device is relatively easy and so simple. However, a common problem experienced by most iPad Mini 5 users is during the download process they can’t install or download apps on their device, and not only with installing but as well as updating. 

There are possible reasons why iPad mini 5 can’t install or download apps, it can either be that the App Store servers is experiencing technical issues or there is a problem with the settings on their iPad and with the Apple ID being used. Whatever the cause of the problem, there can be potential solutions that can help fix it. Read on below to find out how.



Before you proceed with troubleshooting to help fix issues with iPad can’t install or download apps, make sure to check if the App Store is not having problems with their servers. Apple has a website, Apple System Status, wherein you can check if the current status of a particular service or apps on Apple.

If upon checking that App Store is having problems with its servers, there is not much that Apple users can do but to wait for Apple to fix it. At least that way you’ll be aware that the servers are down and it is not your iPad that’s having some problems. However if App Store is available and does not appear to have some problems, it then recommended to proceed with troubleshooting of your device to fix can’t install or download app problem.


It is likely that your iPad device can’t install or download apps is because you are not connected to a WiFi Connection. In order to be able to completely download an app, you must be connected to a WiFI Connection that has a strong signal strength. Your cellular data network works too, but it is highly recommended that whenever you install or download an app you must use a WiFi connection as it is proven to have a strong and reliable signal than when using a cellular data. 

When you are trying to install or download an app using your cellular network connection it can’t install or download apps. There is a maximum limit to download an app using a cellular data, which is about 200mb the most for a single install. If the app you’re trying to download exceeds the maximum limit requirement, Apple will prevent you to further install or download an app via 4G or LTE. 

To avoid experiencing problems with download or installing an app, make sure to download an app on App store over a WiFi Connection.


If you are having problems with your Apple ID account, it may be the reason why you can’t install or download an app. You can try to Sign out and Sign back in to App Store can sometimes do the trick in trying to fix the problem.

How to do this:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on iTunes and App Store
  3. then , tap on Apple ID
  4. Next, tap on Sign Out.
  5. After a few seconds, Sign back in using the correct username and password
  6. Try to Install or download an App again.


There are instances wherein App Store may experience a glitch or a bug that it can crash or can’t install or download an app. As easy fix is to force restart App Store app as it force close the running App Store and refreshes it when launched again. Force restarting App Store app can be pretty simple and easy to do.

How to force restart App store app on iPad mini 5:

  1. Double tap on the home button of your iPad mini 5 to reveal App switcher, it is where all running apps will appear. And they are represented as an App Card.
  2. Swipe left and right to locate App Store App Card.
  3. Swipe up the App Store App card to force quit it. NOTE: Do not double tap on the app card, doing so launches the app.
  4. To exit App switcher, double tap on the home button or tap anywhere on the screen.  
  5. Relaunch App Store and try to install or download an app to see if the problem is resolved.


If you are having problems with your payment method such as credit card used on your Apple account, it is likely that Apple is preventing you to download or install an app. When there is no payment method  or when the card used is expired, you will receive a prompt error “Verification Required”. This means that you need to verify your payment method to use not only when installing or downloading an app that needs to be purchased but also to free apps as well. In order to fix this, you need to update the payment method on your Apple ID account.

How to update and add payment method:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on your Profile name, located at the uppermost portion of the screen
  3. Tap on Payment & Shipping
  4. Input Passcode when required. 
  5. Check the status of the payment method i.e. completeness and correctness of credit card details and validity period, then update if there’s a need to do so.
  6. If you have not inputted yet a payment method, tap on Add Payment Method.
  7. You can choose between two payment methods: Credit/Debit card or PayPal account.

For Credit/Debit Card: enter correct and complete credit card details such as cardholder name, card number, CVV code, expiration date, phone number and billing address.

For PayPal method: you can follow the on-screen instructions on how to connect to your PayPal Account to your Apple ID account.

     8. Finally, tap Done to save payment method. 


Restarting your iPad device is as simple as turning it off and then turning it back ON again. These does not delete nor erases data, contents and settings on your device. It simply quits all running apps in the background.

How to restart iPad Mini 5:

  1. First, press and Hold the Power/Sleep & Wake Button
  2. Then, wait for the “Slide to power off” to appear.
  3. Next, drag the slider from left to right on the “Slide to Power off’ Command. This will power OFF your iPad.
  4. After at least 2 minutes, press again Power/Sleep & Wake Button to power ON device. Continue pressing until Apple Logo appears.
  5. iPad Mini 5 will completely restart, wait for it. 
  6. Then, enter Passcode when required to unlock device
  7. Try to Install or download an App again.


When you have already started the download process and then suddenly it was interrupted for reasons such as low storage space or weak WiFI signal, you can try to fix it by simply pausing the download for a while. Pausing is done by simply tapping on the app that you are trying to download and install. After a few minutes, tap again the App icon to resume download. 


It is likely that whenever Apple detected an incorrect date and time settings based on your time zone, Apple servers will prevent your from downloading an app. Make sure to set your Date & Time settings to automatic;

How to set to automatic:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then tap on Date & Time tab
  4. Toggle ON Set Automatically tab
  5. Restart iPad Mini 5 


If restarting your iPad from the previous solution does not work and still you can’t install or download an app, you may force restart iPad or sometimes called a Soft reset. Whenever your device is experiencing some problems, it can sometimes be caused by a glitch thereby doing a force reset refreshes your iPad by force quitting all running apps. 

How to do a Soft Reset:

  1. Press and hold down the Power/Sleep & Wake Button and the Home Button together
  2. Continue pressing unte Apple Logo appears. Then, release the buttons.
  3. iPad Mini 5  will now restart.
  4. Then, wait for iPad Mini 5 to completely reboot. 
  5. Try to Install or download App again


Updating to the latest software can not only improves settings and apps on your iPad Mini 5 but also fixes bugs. These bugs may be the cause of your iPad can’t install or download an app. It is very important to update your device to the latest software whenever there is available to avoid experiencing issues on your device.

How to update to the latest software:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen of your iPad
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then tap on Software Update. Apple server will now check for available updates. If there is, tap on Download and Install to begin the update process.
  4. If there are no available update, it means that your device software is up to date.

Solution 11: HARD RESET iPAD MINI 5

When there are technical issues on your iPad settings, there can also be glitch and bugs that prevents you from installing or downloading an app. This solution is the last resort when all else fails. It can be effective in fixing though but not highly recommended. Why is that so? Simply because performing a hard reset on your iPad erases and deletes basically everything that is on your iPad. It means that it brings your device back to its default state. 

Before doing this solution, make sure that you have already made a backup of your device to prevent data loss. Do not worry, you will be able to restore your backup once hard reset is complete.

How to do a hard reset:

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then scroll down from the list of options and tap on Reset
  4. Tap on Reset All Settings
  5. Enter Passcode if required to confirm action
  6. Set up your iPad
  7. Try to Install or download an App again.

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