iOS 16: How To Hide Apps On iPhone Depending On Age Rating

Hiding apps in iOS 16 is part of the parental controls on your iPhone no matter the model. Such a feature can be very useful if you let other people use  your device as they won’t be able to see the icons of the apps you hide. 

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The steps in hiding apps on the iPhone are easy and simple and we will guide you through this post. So here’s what you should do: 

  1. To begin, go back to the Home screen and tap Settings.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 1
    This will open the Settings app that will allow you to change some of the features and restrictions on your iPhone. 

  2. Scroll down a bit to find Screen time and once found, tap on it.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 2
    Make sure that it’s enabled first before you can edit its settings. 

  3. Find and tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 3
    This will bring you to the next screen that allows you to change some restrictions on your iPhone. 

  4. Tap Content restrictions.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 4
    This will show you all the content categories in your device that you can restrict or block other users from using them. 

  5. Look for the option Apps and tap on it.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 5
    It will bring you to the screen where you can allow or disallow third-party apps or block apps depending on age rating. 

  6. If you don’t want to allow all third-party apps to be used by other users, tap Don’t Allow.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 6
    This will immediately hide the apps except for Apple apps or the ones that are pre-installed on your iPhone. 

  7. You can also tap on any of the ages available and some apps will be hidden.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 7
    Apps are rated by age in the App Store and this feature is based on that rating. 

  8. Of course, you can still make all your apps available by choosing Allow.

    hide apps ios 16 iphone 8
    Doing so will turn off app restrictions on your device. 

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And that’s how you hide apps depending on age rating on your iPhone. 

We hope this helps.

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