How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account (Step by Step Guide)

Over the years, Facebook has become a part of our daily lives. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and everyone is using Facebook every day. It is the widely used social media platform used to communicate and get in touch with family and friends, especially those that are living far from each other. But with all the chaos, conflicts between people and even invasion of one’s privacy that some Facebook users experienced, they choose to no longer use Facebook and decide to permanently delete their Facebook account.

Delete Account Forever

When you decide to permanently delete your Facebook account for some reason, you have to keep a few things in mind:

  • Reactivating your Facebook will no longer be possible after 30 days of deletion request.
  • Photos, videos and everything you’ve posted will be deleted permanently. Retrieving the data will no longer be possible.
  • You can no longer use Facebook Messenger, but messages that were sent to your friends will only be visible on their Facebook messenger.
  • If you’ve used your Facebook to sign in other apps such as Spotify, you will not be able to do so once account is deleted permanently.
  • Deleting Permanently is different from Deactivating.

In here, we will teach you how to permanently delete your Facebook account in a few easy steps.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow these steps below to permanently delete Facebook account

  1. Log into your Facebook Account

    Launch your browser and go to Log in to your Facebook account.Log in Facebook Account

  2. Click on Settings

    At the upper right hand corner, click on the arrow pointing downwards. Click on Settings from the drop down menu.
    Click on Settings

  3. Click Your Facebook Information

    Your Facebook Information section is located at the left side corner of the screen.
    Click on Your Facebook Information

  4. Click View on Deactivation and Deletion

    Located at the last tab of the Your Facebook Information sectionView on Deactivation and Deletion

  5. Select Permanently Delete Account

    There are two choices available, make sure to select Permanently Delete Account.Permanently Delete Facebook

  6. Click on Continue to Account Deletion

    Deleting your account is permanent.
    Continue to Account Deletion

  7. Click on Delete Account

    A prompt suggestion appears, to let you deactivate instead so that you will still be able to use Facebook Messenger and to Download information. Delete Account

  8. Enter Facebook Password to confirm it is your account then Click Continue

    This is to confirm that you are the owner of the account.Enter Facebook Password to confirm

  9. Click on Delete Account

    A prompt message appears to Confirm Permanent Deletion of Account. Permanently Delete Facebook

After performing the steps above, Facebook will schedule your account to be deleted permanently. This will give users the time to think about whether to continue to delete their account forever or not. You can cancel your deletion request and can retrieve all data on your Facebook if you log in within the next 30 days.

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