How to Make iPhone Alarm Louder

You’re certain that you’ve set and activated  your iPhone alarm but still failed to wake up on the desired schedule? It may be because your iPhone’s alarm clock is not loud enough to wake you up from deep sleeping. Should this be the case, you need to augment the sound of your alarm to a higher, if not, the highest level possible. In case you need help on how to get this done, here’s a quick guide to make your iPhone alarm louder.

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Why is the iPhone Alarm too quiet or very low?

Generally, alarm clocks including the iPhone’s alarm clock are set to render approximately 85 decibels sound output. That’s equivalent to a noisy chainsaw or a rowdy motorcycle. 

For normal people, hearing these kinds of sounds would definitely wake them up. But for others tagged as deep sleepers,  these may not be enough.

There are various reasons as to why you are not able to hear your phone alarm in the set schedule. 

In iOS devices, alarm problems are usually tied to the iOS Clock app that’s glitching. The same thing happens if the iPhone’s sound settings aren’t properly set. For instance, the iPhone’s volume might have been set to a lower level or the alarm sound in use is not loud enough to wake you up from your deep sleep.

Environmental factors such as heavy rainfalls are also among the underlying causes. 

Software-related issues like when the iPhone system suddenly encounters random flaws following an update or settings alterations, resulting in sound system failure are also among the possible reasons as to why the alarm doesn’t work.

In worst case scenarios, you might haven’t heard the alarm because your iPhone’s speakers malfunctioned and therefore sound features including the alarm aren’t working as intended.

Different Ways to Make iPhone Alarm Louder

There are a few tweaks that you can do to make your iPhone’s alarm effective. And looking back into the basic sound features of the iPhone is among the recommended solutions.

First Tweak (Basic): Adjust the alarm volume

You may have turned on the alarm but forgot to adjust the ringer volume. As a result, the iPhone’s alarm sound is activated but at a very low volume level that you can barely hear. 

make iphone alarm sound lounder ADJUST VOLUME

To clear this out, go ahead and check your iPhone’s sound settings and adjust the volume level if necessary.

Here’s how to get there:
  • First, launch the Settings app.
  • In the Settings menu, find and then tap Sounds & Haptics. Another menu launches with relevant sound features and the volume slider.
  • Drag the ringer and alerts slider to the right to increase the volume level. 

There is also an option for you to enable the Change with Buttons feature so you can directly adjust the volume level by pressing on the Volume Up and Volume Down keys on the side of your phone.

Second Tweak: Change Alarm Sound

Another possibility is that the current sound set for your alarm is not loud enough to wake you up from deep sleeping. Should this be the case, changing the alarm to a truculent sound can help.

make iphone alarm sound lounder CHANGE SOUND
Just follow these steps to adjust these settings on your iPhone:
  • First, launch the Clock app.
  • Next, tap on the Alarm tab
  • Select the alarm that you’d like to  use and edit sound for.
  • Tap Sound then choose a louder alarm sound that you’d like to use. 

There are plenty of preset alarm sounds that have more aggressive noise. Just pick the one that you think would work best for you.

You can also add a custom alarm vibration pattern to accompany the alarm’s sound. This would augment the intensity of your iPhone’s alarm.

Third Tweak: Play iPhone Alarm on Speaker

If the first two methods still failed to make your iPhone alarm sound louder, then your next option is to use external speakers instead. This could be deemed a better option if you think your phone’s built-in speaker is defective and no longer able to render the expected sound output for alarms.

make iphone alarm sound lounder SPEAKERS

You can connect your iPhone to a dock with integrated speakers or connect to a compatible external speaker instead. Should you wish to go for this setup, you will need to use a wired connection as alarms play through wired speakers.

Fourth Tweak: Connect iPhone to Apple Watch

Alternatively, you can pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch so that the alarm will play on your Watch instead. 

make iphone alarm sound lounder APPLE WATCH
Enabling vibration on your Apple Watch can also help, especially when you’re wearing it. 
  • To do this, go to your Apple Watch Settings-> Sounds & Haptics and turn Haptic Alerts ON. Select Prominent to add more emphasis to haptic alerts.

Also make sure that your Apple Watch isn’t muted. You can verify it by launching the Control Center on your watch and then see if the Silent mode button is turned off. If it’s on, then you’ll need to tap on it to enable its sound functions including alarm.

Is your iPhone alarm sound still very low?

If none of the suggested tweaks works, then deleting all saved alarms from your iPhone and set up a new one can be regarded among the last options. This usually helps if the problem is attributed to some random system flaws and/or alarm settings conflicts that eventually ruined the entire alarm system on your iOS device.

make iphone alarm sound lounder NEW ALARM

To rule out the possibility that the iPhone’s speakers are damaged, taking the device to the nearest authorized Apple service center would be a good idea. This way you can have your device thoroughly scrutinized by an iPhone technician and fix any faulty hardware that’s found.

And those are the available means for you to make your iPhone alarm louder and more potent.

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