How To Change Privacy of Facebook Albums

Facebook is one of the largest and most used social media platforms all over the world. It allows you to communicate and get in touch with the people you love such as friends and family members. You are able to see what they’ve been doing by their posts on their timeline and photos they posted. But you also have to keep in mind to change privacy of your Facebook Albums.

There are a million Facebook users who upload photos on their profile on a daily basis.  With that thought alone, privacy becomes a big issue here. Fortunately, Facebook users will have the option to edit the privacy settings of their Photo albums on Facebook. That way you can choose who you allow to see your photo albums and who can’t. Below is a step by step guide to follow on how to change the privacy settings of the Photo Albums of your Facebook account.

Steps to Edit Privacy Settings

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step by Step guide to make changes on the Privacy Settings of your Photo albums.

  1. Log in to your Facebook Account

    Launch your browser and go to Log in to your Facebook account.
    Log in Facebook Account

  2. Click on Profile Picture

    Profile tab is located at the upper portion of the screen.

    Profile Tab

  3. Click on Photos

    At the home screen of your Facebook Page, click on Photos tab just below your cover photo.

    Click on Photos

  4. Click on Albums

    Albums tab is located just below your Profile Picture.

    Click on Albums

  5. Select Album

    Select the album that you want to edit its privacy settings.
    Privacy of Facebook Albums

  6. Click on Edit

    Edit tab is located at the right side of the page beside the Feature on Profile tab.

    Privacy of Facebook Albums

  7. Manage Privacy

    Choose your option from the drop down menu at the privacy tab.
    You will be presented with 6 options you can choose from. Options on how you want to control the privacy of your photo albums.
    Public: Anyone can see your Facebook even if they are not on your list of contacts or friends.
    Friends: Your friends and contacts on Facebook can view your Photos on Photo album.
    Friends except: Photos of your albums don’t show to some friends on Facebook.
    Only me: Only you can view and see photos on Photo Album
    Specific Friends: Photos can be viewed by selected friends only
    Custom: include and exclude friends and lists.

    Privacy of Facebook Albums

  8. Click Save

    To confirm and apply changes made.

    Save to Confirm

After performing the steps above, you will successfully change the privacy settings of the Photo albums of your Facebook account.

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