How to Delete or Forget a Wi-Fi Network on Apple iPhone SE 2021

This post will show  you how to delete or forget a Wi-Fi network on the new iPhone SE 2020 smartphone. Read on to view more detailed instructions.

Deleting a Wi-Fi network is usually needed when dealing with network-related issues, especially those that are attributed to a corrupted Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone.

Performing this command will disconnect your device from the network as it will be totally removed from its Wi-Fi network directory.

Once deleted, your iPhone will no longer connect to that network automatically unless you configure it to do so after adding the network back.

If you’re wondering how to delete a Wi-Fi network from the new iPhone SE 2020, feel free to refer to this short walkthrough.

Easy Steps to Remove or Forget a Wi-Fi Network on your iPhone SE 2020

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps demonstrate the actual process of deleting a Wi-Fi network from the new iPhone SE 2020 handset. Actual steps and menus are also applicable to other iPhones running the same iOS version.

  1. To get started, tap the Settings icon from the Home screen.

    Doing so will launch the Settings app with the main settings menu of your device.

    forget wifi network iphone se 2020 - settings

  2. From the Settings menu, tap Wi-Fi.

    The Wi-Fi menu opens with the current Wi-Fi network selected along with other saved networks.

    forget wifi network iphone se 2020 - wifi

  3. Tap to select the Wi-Fi network that  you'd like to forget or delete.

    Another screen opens with a bunch of information about the selected wireless network.

    forget wifi network iphone se 2020 - select network

  4. To delete the network, tap Forget This Network.

    A pop up menu opens asking if you'd like to forget the network.

    forget wifi network iphone se 2020 - forget

  5. Tap Forget to proceed.

    That should serve as a confirmation prompting the device to delete the selected network.

    The Wi-Fi network will then disconnect from that network and the network disappears from the Wi-Fi screen.

    It's also an indication that the device has already forgotten it.

    forget wifi network iphone se 2020 - confirm

  6. To reconnect to that network, you can go back to the Settings menu, tap Wi-Fi then select the Wi-Fi network that you'd like to connect to.

    This time, you will be asked to enter the Wi-Fi password just like the first time you connect to it.

    Just type the correct password into the password field and then, tap Join.

    Wait for your device to connect to the network and get back online.

    forget wifi network iphone se 2020 - reconnect

  • iOS 13.6
  • iPhone SE 2020

To test the internet connection, just open a browser and then access any website. Or you can also open internet-based apps to see if they’re working as intended.

If  you wish to forget other networks saved in the device’s network directories, just repeat the same steps and then select the Wi-Fi network that you’d like to delete.

To delete multiple Wi-Fi networks from the iPhone at once, you can execute a network settings reset instead.

The reset network settings is among the reset commands in iOS devices. Performing this reset will erase all current network configuration including customized network settings and options and then restores the default or original network settings on your phone.

After the reset, you will need to set up wireless features including Bluetooth connections and Wi-Fi networks.

And that covers everything in this walkthrough.

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!