How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone

The integration of GPS on the iPhone has been such a helpful and amazing technology. It has enabled us to do so many things like see better navigational accuracy and efficiency, get estimated travel times, and more. We could go on and on about all of the awesome things that GPS has done; however, there are at least a couple of reasons why you might want to fake your GPS location on the iPhone.

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If you follow along with us below, we’ll show you why you might want to fake GPS location, as well as some tools that you can use to make your GPS location appear as if it’s coming from elsewhere. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Why should you fake your GPS location?

There are a number of reasons to why you might want to use a fake GPS location on your iPhone. For one, you could be trying to access geo-restricted content, which isn’t available in the area or region that you’re located in. Faking your GPS location with a VPN in this case would allow you to access that content. Your IP address would appear as if it’s coming from elsewhere, ideally from a location that opens up that content, thus allowing you to access and/or watch it.

You could want to fake GPS location for other, more simple reasons. You might want a dating app to think your location is from elsewhere, or you might want to fake your location for a location-based game like Pokemon GO.

The slight problem with the iPhone is that Apple generally doesn’t allow GPS spoofing apps on the App Store. That means that you’re going to use other means to spoof your iPhone GPS location, usually through a computer program or a VPN. No matter your reason, there are a number of ways to fake GPS location on the iPhone.

How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone


1. Nord VPN

If you’re browsing the Internet, trying to access restricted or geo-blocked content, you might want to consider NordVPN. Available on most popular platforms — including the iPhone — NordVPN is able to fake GPS location from areas around the country, and even internationally.

NordVPN actually has a lot of places to spoof your location from — they have hundreds of server locations all over the world, allowing people in the US to watch UK-based content, people in the UK to watch US content, and so on.

NordVPN is a great way to fake GPS location for not only entertainment purposes but for security reasons and more, too.

Download it now: here

2. iTools

Like we mentioned, the App Store itself doesn’t have any apps that allows you to fake GPS location. So you’ll need to actually install something called iTools on your computer, and plug in you iPhone to your PC via a USB cable. iTools has a tool built-in called Virtual Location, which allows you to simulate your location in another area. When you click on it, a Map View appears, and you can choose where you want to drop the marker.

As long as you don’t press the “Stop Simulation” button, your GPS location on your iPhone will be spoofed, unless you reboot your smartphone.

Download it now: here

3. Fake GPS location – Hola

This next one comes from Hola. With a well-built user interface, you’ll be able to easily fake your GPS location on Hola. That said, this one essentially works like a VPN, and isn’t a “true” GPS spoof. That said, by using Hola, you can break through some geo-restrictions imposed on some apps.

The fake GPS location app setup is actually really easy. After you download it, head into the Settings of your iPhone and make sure that your Location Services are turned off. Once you do, you can head into Hola itself and turn on the VPN / GPS spoofing. It’s worth noting that the spoofed GPS functionality only works with some apps and websites. That said, it can be a little bit of a hit or miss, but aside from the Windows program, there aren’t too many options aside from that.

Download it now: here

How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone Verdict

Here we’ve shown you at least a couple of ways that you can fake GPS location on the iPhone. Apple doesn’t generally allow this, but there are at least a couple of ways that you can fake it, whether that be through one of the VPNs we showed you, or through a Windows program like iTools.

Do you have a favorite way to spoof your location? Or any preferred fake GPS location recommendations? Let us know how, or what your favorite app is to use, and it may just end up on our list in the future!