How to Enable Gmail Vacation Responder on iPhone SE 3 2022

This post will walk you through configuring the iOS 15.5 Gmail app settings to activate and set up a quick note to send to your email contacts while on vacation. Here’s a quick guide to enable Gmail vacation responder on iPhone SE 3 2022.

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Planning to take a vacation on an isolated location but worried about being unable to respond to important emails? Setting up an automatic reply (vacation response) email might be a good idea, especially if your using Gmail instead of the stock Mail app on your iPhone. Just keep reading for more information.

Gmail App Vacation Responder Feature

The mobile version of Gmail app offers a number of useful features to address various needs of individual users. And one of these is the feature to set a vacation reply.

When enabled, vacation responder will let you set an automatic email reply to specific emails that reach your inbox during the vacation date that you’ve set.

Indeed it’s an entailed feature especially when you’re heading to a place where there is no access to the internet. To make use of this offer, you will need to set up a vacation responder that automatically tells people that you won’t be able to respond to their emails right away.

If you’re wondering how to enable and set up this Gmail feature on the 3rd generation iPhone SE, you can refer to the step-by-step walkthrough as follows.

Steps to Enable Gmail Vacation Responder on iPhone SE 3 (2022)

Before you begin, verify and ensure that the correct email (Gmail) account is set up on your iPhone’s Gmail application. Note that the changes that you’re about to make will be applied only to the selected Gmail account.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to configure the Gmail settings on your new 3rd generation special edition iPhone.

Step 1: Open Gmail app on your iPhone to get started. Just tap on the Gmail app icon from the Home screen.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 OPEN

Step 2: Next, tap on the Menu icon (three short horizontal lines) on the top-left corner of the Gmail inbox screen. Doing so will launch a side menu that contains a list of options for your account.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 QM

Step 3: Scroll to find and then tap Settings. In-app settings for your Gmail account will load up on the next screen.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 SETTINGS

Step 4: To continue, tap the right-arrow next to your Gmail (email address).

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 ARROW

Step 5: On the succeeding menu, you’ll see a list of all preloaded email features and options. Find and then tap Vacation responder.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 VR

Step 6: On the next screen, you will see the Vacation Responder toggle. To enable and set up this email feature, tap to turn on Vacation Responder switch.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 ON

Step 7: On the following screen, you will see the Vacation Responder options are enabled for your Gmail account. Tap the option to Set the First Day and Last Day using the scheduler and follow the rest of the instructions to save your schedule.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 DATE

Step 8: After setting the first and last vacation days, enter the Subject and Message.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 MESSAGE

Step 9. Should you wish to set this vacation responder only to your contacts, turn on the send only to my Contacts switch. Otherwise, keep the switch OFF.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 CONTACTS

Step 10. Once you’re done filling up all the necessary information, tap Save on the top-rightmost corner to save and apply recent changes.

enable gmail vacation responder iphone se3 SAVE

The new vacation responder message will then be created and automatically forwarded to the specified email contacts during the set dates.

Contacts that you specified to receive your vacation auto-reply will receive your pre-written email message.

Should you wish to make necessary changes, just repeat the same steps to get back to the vacation responder menu and change whatever details that you’d like to adjust.

The above procedure is also applicable when configuring the Gmail Vacation Responder on other iPhones that are running on the same iOS version with that of the iPhone SE 3. Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and service providers.

Be sure to keep your device software up-to-date to ensure all important features and menu options are available.

Setting Up a Vacation Responder on Gmail web version

Aside from the mobile version, the web version of Gmail also allows you to set up a vacation responder on a computer.

All you have to do is log into your Gmail account and then access your account settings by clicking on the Gear/Cog icon at the top of the quick settings sidebar. Navigate to the General tab and then scroll down to the Vacation responder section.

Ensure that the Vacation responder is turned on and then set the start and end date along with other necessary information.

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button at the bottom to save and apply the recent changes to your email account.

And that’s all about activating and setting up the Gmail app’s vacation responder on the Apple iPhone SE 2022 smartphone.

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