How to Enable/Disable SIM Pin on iPhone 13

This post will walk you through locking and unlocking the SIM card using the built-in SIM PIN feature on the Apple iPhone 13 device. Read on to learn how to enable/disable SIM PIN on iPhone 13 with the iOS 15.3 interface.

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Wondering how to put restrictions on cellular data usage on your new iPhone from anyone who has access to your device? If so, then you can make use of the iOS 15 SIM PIN feature to lock the SIM card. Just keep scrolling to view more detailed instructions.

iOS 15 SIM PIN feature

The SIM PIN on an iPhone is equivalent to a PUK code in other mobile devices. 

Enabling the SIM PIN on  your iPhone is one way to prevent any unauthorized use of your SIM card for cellular data and phone calls.

When this feature is enabled, your device will automatically lock the SIM card and show a Locked SIM in the status bar. In order to  use cellular data and network services, the correct 4-digit PIN must be entered. That should then unlock the device and enable the use of cellular data and other SIM-related activities such as placing phone calls and sending SMS or MMS messages.

To use the SIM PIN feature on your iPhone, you need to enable the feature through cellular settings.

If you own the latest iPhone 13 device and need some input on how to access and use the SIM PIN, just refer to the outlined steps below.

Easy Steps to Enable/Disable SIM Pin on iPhone 13

The following steps are also applicable when enabling and disabling SIM Pin on other iPhone models that have the same iOS version with the iPhone 13 series.

Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and cellular service providers.

Just be sure to keep your device software updated and start configuring your iPhone settings whenever everything is ready.

Enabling and Setting up SIM PIN

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen.

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Step 2: While on the Settings menu, tap Cellular. Relevant features and settings will load up on the next menu.

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Step 3: Tap SIM PIN to continue. The SIM PIN menu opens next.

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Step 4: To activate and set up a SIM PIN or PUK code, tap SIM PIN.

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Step 5: On the succeeding screen, enter a four-digit code or number that you’d like to set as the PUK code or SIM PIN for your iPhone.

Just use the onscreen keypad to enter the desired code or PIN to lock the SIM.

enable disable sim pin iphone13 setupnewpin

Step 6: After entering the code, tap DONE on the upper-rightmost corner of the screen.

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Step 7: If prompted, enter the same PIN or PUK code to confirm and then tap DONE.

The SIM PIN switch will then turn green. That means that the new SIM PIN or PUK code is already activated.

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Changing the SIM PIN lock

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  • Should you wish to change the code, simply tap Change PIN.
  • Enter the existing PIN to unlock SIM and then tap DONE. You will be given a maximum of 15 attempts to enter the correct PIN. Be sure not to exceed that number to prevent ending up with a permanently locked SIM card.
  • On the following screen, enter the Current PIN then tap DONE.
  • After that, enter another four-digit code that you’d like to set as the New PIN for your SIM card and then tap DONE on the top-left edge of the display.
  • Confirm the NEW PIN then tap DONE. The SIM PIN is now changed.

Be sure to take note of your new PIN to avoid having problems accessing and using cellular services on your device.

What Happens when SIM PIN is enabled on your iPhone?

Now that your SIM card is already locked with a PIN, the next phone calls and cellular data usage will already require an identification code.

Be sure to enter the correct SIM PIN because a wrong guess can result in permanent SIM card lock. 

In later iPhones running on the iOS 15 and later platforms, the maximum number of SIM PIN guesses is 15. Successively entering a wrong SIM PIN over fifteen times will permanently lock your SIM card. And when this happens, you will need to secure a new SIM card to be installed and used on your device.

Disabling the SIM PIN lock

enable disable sim pin iphone13 turnoff
  • To disable or remove the SIM lock on your iPhone, simply head back to Settings-> Cellular-> SIM PIN menu then tap to turn off the SIM PIN switch.
  • Enter the correct PIN or PUK code if prompted to unlock SIM then tap DONE.

After entering the correct SIM PIN or PUK code, the SIM PIN toggle will be turned off. That means that SIM PIN is already disabled on your iPhone and thus cellular services are already accessible without having to enter the correct PIN.

Contact your carrier

If you forgot the SIM PIN or PUK code and your SIM card is permanently locked, you can try entering the default SIM card PIN/SIM PIN code which is 1234. If that is incorrect, then contacting the carrier that issued you the SIM card would be necessary.

Aside from getting a new SIM card replacement, you can also ask your carrier to help you unlock your SIM card instead. 

Cellular network providers would typically issue the default SIM PIN or Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) code to address these concerns.

If that isn’t possible, 

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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