How To Enable / Disable Location Services on iPhone 14

There are apps in your iPhone 14 that require you to enable the Location Services as they won’t work properly without it. One of the best examples is the Maps app, which is also used by other apps that give you information about your location. 

When disabled, the app might not be able to provide the information to its user or won’t be able to work the way it’s expected to do its job. 

It’s understandable that some users give it a second thought in enabling location services for privacy reasons but as long as you know how the apps in your device work and that you’re careful enough about the apps you install, enabling the location services can give more benefits than risks.

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So in this post, we will show you how to enable or disable the Location Services on your iPhone 14: 

  1. Go back to the Home screen and then tap Settings.

    This will open the Settings app that allows you to tweak some settings and features in your iPhone.
    enable disable location services iphone 14 1

  2. Scroll down a bit to find Privacy & Security, and once found, tap on it.

    This will bring you to the screen where you can change the privacy settings of several applications in your device. 
    enable disable location services iphone 14 2

  3. Tap Location Services.

    It’s the first option from the top so you can easily find it. 
    enable disable location services iphone 14 3

  4. Tap the switch next to Location Services to enable it.

    It should turn green and the moment it’s enabled, other options will be revealed at the bottom part of the screen. 
    enable disable location services iphone 14 4

  5. Once enabled, you can share the location of your iPhone.

    To do that, tap Share My Location and then tap the option Use This iPhone as My Location. 
    enable disable location services iphone 14 5

  6. While it’s enabled by default, just make sure the Find My iPhone is enabled.

    It’s possible that you’ve disabled the feature before and forgot to turn it back on. It’s important that your iPhone is findable using the Find My app or service. 
    enable disable location services iphone 14 6

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You can also change the location properties of some core applications below. You also have the option to share your iPhone’s precise location for those apps. 

Should you need to disable the Location Services in the future, just tap the switch next to Location Services and make sure it’s gray. That should disable it until you enable it back. 

We hope that this guide can be helpful. 

Have a great day!

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