How to Enable Auto-Answer Calls on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through activating an iOS 16 accessibility feature that prompts your iOS device to automatically answer an incoming call after a certain period of time. Here’s a quick guide to enable auto-answer calls on the Apple iPhone 14 smartphone.

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New iOS devices offer a number of useful accessibility features that are mainly designed to offer seamless and easy iOS mobile experience among iPhone owners. One of these features is the auto-answer calls. 

When enabled, it directs the iPhone system to automatically answer a phone call after a number of seconds or minutes. If you’re wondering how to access and activate this feature on your new iPhone 14 device, feel free to refer to this guide.

  1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings app by tapping on the Settings app shortcut from the Home screen of your iPhone.

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    You can also access the Settings app shortcut represented by a gear-shaped icon from the App library.

  2. While in the main settings menu, scroll to find Accessibility then tap on it to proceed.

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    The Accessibility menu opens next. Here, you will see a list of all available accessibility features and relevant options.

  3. Find then tap Touch to continue.

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    Another set of features will load up on the next window.

  4. Scroll down to the lower section then tap Call Audio Routing.

    auto answer calls iphone14 4

    On the succeeding menu, you will see different options to route audio from the iPhone speaker. Beneath these options is the Auto-Answer Calls.

  5. Tap Auto-Answer Calls to proceed.

    auto answer calls iphone14 5

    The main toggle to turn the feature on or off will be displayed next.

  6. Tap to turn the Auto-Answer Calls switch ON.

    auto answer calls iphone14 6

    When the switch turns green or highlighted, it denotes that the feature is already enabled on the phone.

  7. The next thing you should do is to set the duration of time to wait until the call is auto-answered.

    auto answer calls iphone14 7

    To do so, simply press the Minus (-) or (+) button to specify the number of seconds.

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By then, you should be all set to answer phone calls without having to touch your iPhone screen.

Whenever an incoming call arrives, sliding the screen to answer is no longer needed as your device automatically does that for.

Such a feature is definitely very handy for iPhone owners with motor impairment that may delay them from answering or taking a phone call.

Aside from phone calls, auto-answer calls also work with other types of calls such as FaceTime calls as well as calls from apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

This accessibility feature is also available for iPads running on iOS 13 and later versions. 

To stop your iPhone from answering calls automatically, just follow the above steps to head back to the Accessibility settings, particularly in the Call Audio Routing menu where you can find the Auto-Answer Calls switch. Once you get there, simply tap the switch to turn the feature OFF.

And that’s how you configure your iPhone 14 to automatically answer an incoming call after a few seconds or minutes of ringing.

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